Life with One Direction

Riley Carlson and her best friend Sasha are HUGE fans of One Direction! When they bump into them, what will happen to them? Will they just go back to having a normal life or will they keep in touch with 1D? All your answers will be answered in the chapters of my movella, so read to find out!


7. You what??

You wake up and look around. The room is unfamiliar with all the white and orange, then you feel something move and you look down in the bed and Harry is still asleep next to you. You smile and take a picture and save it as your screensaver. You lay back down and cuddle up next to him and kiss his nose. You just lay there in his warmth until he wakes up. You feel him move, then he kisses you lightly on the lips. You open your eyes and look at him and he's just  staring at you with passion and he leans in and kisses you deeply and tenderly and then he leans back out and says 'I love you, Riley.' 'I love you too, Harry.' You peck him on the lips then you get up and look at your phone. It's 11 so you say bye and  drive to your house and you get in the shower as soon as you get home. It's now 12 so you make Egg Rolls and fried rice (my favorite :) tacos too) and you go to the store while it cools off and then you get like 4 packs of Gatorade and like 2 packs of Red Bull and Monster. Then you get taco shells and a roast beef thingy and some more stuff for your house. When you get back home and put everything up, you sit down and sip on your monster and take a few bites of your food. Then, Sasha asks if she can come over and you say yeah. When she gets there, she immediately goes straight for the egg rolls and grabs a couple. "So, what's up chica?" Sasha says. "Mm nothing much, just came from Harry's."  "Ooh, spill it." "Well, we didn't really do much. We were at Eleanor's party last night and he kissed me and I fell asleep on him and woke up in his bed. Then, I got up this morning and left at about 11." "Oh." "Yeah, so what about you and Niall?" "Oh, well we've been texting and stuff. He's even gave me a few Nialler hugs." Sasha starts blushing madly. "Then, yesterday he asked me if I'd like to go to the park and maybe go out to eat. I said of course." She starts blushing again. "You really like him, don't you?" I say. She smiles. "Yeah." "Aww, you two are so cute together." She turns beet red this time. "Thanks, Ri." You smile and say, "Come on, lets watch a movie." "Ok" she says, then follows you into the living room. You guys look through all your DVD's and finally decide that you're just gonna watch family guy on Netflix. You guys watch 4 episodes and then halfway through the 5th episode, you look over at Sasha and see she's asleep. Then, you are on your 6th one and you slowly drift off into sleep. BANG BANG! You wake up to someone banging on your door. You get up groggily and go to the door. You look back and see Sasha is still asleep. Then, you turn back to the door and open it. In the doorway, you see Eleanor. You smile and say "Hey." "Hey, so I was wondering if you and Sasha wanted to hangout." "Um, sure hold on let me get Sasha up." "Ok, can I come in?" "Of course, make yourself at home." "Thanks." "Yup." You walk into the living room to get Sasha up. You look at the clock and see it's like 4:00 so you hurry up and get ready and let Sasha borrow some of your clothes and makeup and then you two head out with Eleanor and go to a restaurant. When you get there, you see the whole band sitting there at a table with like 3 extra chairs. You sit across from Liam and then everyone gets up to go get their food leaving you two alone. Liam looks at you, "So, what do you think about this place, Riley?" "Mm, it's lovely." "Yup, it's called Golden Carall." "Oh, sounds golden as it looks." You crack a smile. "Haha, yup." He stares at you for a minute. "I like you, Riley. I've liked you ever since I first saw you." Wait, you what??" You just stare at him in shock and then everyone returns. You get up and go grab somethings and put them on your tray. Your silent the rest of the night. The whole time you just have a huge lump in your throat.


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