Life with One Direction

Riley Carlson and her best friend Sasha are HUGE fans of One Direction! When they bump into them, what will happen to them? Will they just go back to having a normal life or will they keep in touch with 1D? All your answers will be answered in the chapters of my movella, so read to find out!


10. Surpise visit

Your sitting there on the couch when we hear the door slam. "Riley!! I'm ho- oh hey, Niall." She says smiling at him. Niall starts blushing (aww, he's so cute when he blushes!!) and smiles back. He jumps up and goes up to her and hugs her. Then, they sit back down on the couch. "So, what are you doing here, Ni?" He looks at you and then he says, "I didn't have anyone to talk to. All the mates are out and you were at work, so the only person left for me to talk to was Riley." "Oh, ok. Yeah, I can understand that. It's not really much fun when you're all lonely and everyone else is busy or just doesn't wanna hang out." Niall looks up and nods his head. "Well, let me go get changed. I'm still in my work clothes." She says, getting up. You then get up too and say "Yeah, I should probably get dinner cooked too. Niall, do you wanna stay over for dinner? I'm making Fettuccine." Niall's face brightens. "Oh my gosh, yes! I love fettuccine." You giggle while going into the kitchen and preparing everything. After putting the noodles off the stove, you look into the living room and see Sasha and Niall sitting really close. You think to yourself,' yup, they're gonna start dating sometime soon :)' and you just chuckle. Once dinner is done, you go set up the table and set the food on the table and then you call Niall and Sasha into the kitchen. Sasha's face is beet red. You send her a what-did-you-do? look and she starts blushing even more. "I have to go the bathroom." Niall says. You point towards the hall. "Third door on the right." "Thanks." "Yup." After he's gone, you turn too Sasha and say, "Spill it." She turns an even brighter shade of red. "I accidently laid my head on his shoulder and I then got up and said sorry. But he pulled me back down and said it's fine and then he started playing with my hair. And the whole time he was just smiling." Aww, that is so cute. But why is she still so red?? Niall comes back in and he sits down at the table. "What did I miss?" You look at Sasha and just say, "Oh, nothing. It was actually kind of quiet in here." Oh he says. You just smile and go back to eating, like nothing ever happened. Then, the doorbell rings and you get up to go answer it. Standing there, in the doorway, is the guy who made you wanna kill yourself. You stare at him with fear and anger. "What are you doing here?"

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