Life with One Direction

Riley Carlson and her best friend Sasha are HUGE fans of One Direction! When they bump into them, what will happen to them? Will they just go back to having a normal life or will they keep in touch with 1D? All your answers will be answered in the chapters of my movella, so read to find out!


1. Introduction to Riley and Sasha

Hi! My name is Riley Carlson. I just turned 17 a few weeks ago, my birthday is August 19 and I was born at 10:55 a.m. on a late summer night. I love singing and acting and my BFF is Sasha Silver. We've known each other since we were 5. I love listening to One Direction, 5SOS, Sleeping with Sirens, Greyson Chance, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Jojo, Journey, Christina Perry, Zen, Peirce the Veil, Miley Cyrus, The Wanted, Zendaya, Demi Lovato, etc. These are all my favorites:

Movie: Twilight Saga series (twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn parts 1 & 2)

Song: Lego House ( Ed Sheeran sings it)

Show: Zoey 101 (Teennick)

Artist: Demi Lovato

Food: Tacos

Person: Niall Horan

Job: Singing

Pass time: Singing, acting, swimming

Ok, that's enough info about me! Love you guys, BYE!

This is a picture of Riley(It's not real, I just took a random picture and put it there):



Heyy! I'm Sasha Silver and I'm turning 17 in a month! My best friend is Riley Carlson and we have known each other ever since we were 5! My favorite band is One Direction and my favorite single singer is Hunter Hayes (He's a country singer! You guys should seriously look him up!) and my favorite type of music is singing! I listen to a lot of country, gospel and pop/rock music! I'm not very interesting so I'm just gonna skip to my favs.

Movie: Little Women

Song: 1,00 years (Christina Perry)

Show: Family Guy

Artist: Hunter Hayes

Food: Egg Rolls

Person: Harry Styles

Job: Acting/Singing

Pass Time: Playing Softball, daydreaming over guys and singing/dancing

Sorry, I know it wasn't a lot but I hope it was interesting enough to get you started...

Picture of Sasha( Not real either!):

Sorry, I know it wasn't very good! This is my first movella I've ever made!

- Bella


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