Life with One Direction

Riley Carlson and her best friend Sasha are HUGE fans of One Direction! When they bump into them, what will happen to them? Will they just go back to having a normal life or will they keep in touch with 1D? All your answers will be answered in the chapters of my movella, so read to find out!


13. Gone

Harry's P.O.V

She still hasn't woken up. I'm terrified because no one's talking and Sasha is in surgery right now because when that guy, whoever he is, hit her, he messed up her hips and her legs so without the surgery, she'll be paralyzed. Niall hasn't really been talking much either. The only thing he keeps saying is "I tried to save her" and "That bastard! I'm gonna kill him when I find him." "She'll be ok, mate." Zayn says walking into the room. Zayn and Louis are pretty much the closest to Riley.She knew Louis before anyone else did. Even me. They used to live side by side until she moved to Bradford when she was 14.  She never really met Zayn until one day at Sonic's. There he was taking orders and when he took hers, they exchanged numbers and everything. They talked for awhile, then they started visiting more until they started dating. They dated for one and a half years, but then they broke up because of problems in the relationship. But when she moved back, that day that we met in the mall, she knew Zayn but had a hard time recognizing him. As for Louis, she knew it was him but she didn't say anything. Soo, yeah. Doesn't make sense, I know. You'd figure since she was such a fangirl, then maybe she'd have known that two of her best friends were in our band. But yeah. Louis and Liam are In the room with Riley right now, so I can't go in until one comes back out because she's only allowed two visitors at a time. Zayn sits between me and Niall. "Yea, I know." I whisper trying not to cry. Liam comes out and sits down. "You can go in now, Harry." He says to me. "Thanks" Is all I said and got up. I walked into the room and saw Louis sitting In the corner, tears streaming down his face. "I can't even.. God, she's my best friend please let her be alright. I love her to death she's like my little sister!" He cries. I can see why. He's known her since she was 11 and he was 13. They've known each other for 6 years now. Long time to be close to someone and them die on you. I go over and hug him. "It'll be alright man. I know my baby girl is gonna make it. She's strong. She'll make it." I sit down beside him on the right side of her. Her face is so pale and sweaty. Her lips are chapped really bad and she has a breathing tube on. I grab her hand in mine and I'm just like that for an hour before Liam and Zayn come back in. Niall is passed out on the couch. Everyone sits down and Liam starts singing. Tears start to form in Zayn's eyes and he runs back out. He knows something's about to happen, because that's the only time he ever cries. Or when he loses someone or misses them or is heartbroken. I feel someone squeeze my hand all of a sudden and I look up. Riley's eyes are open and she's smiling at me. "Hi, Hazz." She says barely above a whisper. Zayn comes back in. His eyes are really red. I smile. "Hey, Riles." She smiles again then her expression changes to a sickening death look. She leans over and starts puking up blood all into the bucket. It's a 5 gallon bucket and she's still throwing up when Liam runs to get the nurse. By the time the nurse comes in, Riley's already filled the bucket halfway up. The nurse barely reaches her in time with the medication. The nurse puts an IV in Riley's arms and then all of a sudden, Riley's pulse line goes flat. She's gone.

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