Life with One Direction

Riley Carlson and her best friend Sasha are HUGE fans of One Direction! When they bump into them, what will happen to them? Will they just go back to having a normal life or will they keep in touch with 1D? All your answers will be answered in the chapters of my movella, so read to find out!


4. A day with the boys

" I am NOT going in that pool!" You yell at Harry. " Oh yes you are!" "No I'm not!" He starts running towards you and so you start running all around the backyard with him chasing you. Then you finally look back and he's gone and so you go and hide behind a tree so he doesn't find you. "Gotcha!" Harry yells from the other side of the tree grabbing you ;) (lol) He carries you to the pool and throws you in. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! HARRYYYY! NOOO! You land in there with a big splash and then you come back up and get out. "Harry, you are SUCH a turd!" He goes and gets you a towel and you put it on and you look up into his eyes and you two are just about to kiss when....

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Your alarm clock goes off waking you up. You look at the clock and it says 9:00 so you go ahead and get up and eat breakfast. After breakfast you go and brush your teeth and then you decide to go take a shower. You wash your hair and wash your face with toothpaste (don't ask idk I just do that bc it helps to get rid of the dirt and bumps and stuff on my face) you get out and decide on a really cute outfit ( I don't feel like describing it today so here I'm just gonna give you the photo. Its gonna be at the top of the page bc it wont let me put it down here for some reason. ) You check your phone and you've got a text. Harry: Good morning beautiful :) <3. You text him back and you say Goodmorning. You fix your hair and put it in a rope braid. Harry texts back again Harry:Whatcha doin?? You: nun bein bored wbu? You put the phone in your pocket and go outside and sit on the porch. You decide to text Sasha. You:Hey wanna hang out? Sasha instantly texts back Sasha:Love too. What time do you want me to pick you up? You: How about 11:30? Sasha: Yeah sounds fine. Ok.  You take a walk in your neighborhood and then you go to the starbucks that's like 2 blocks from your house and get a double mocha frappachino. You walk back home and you look at the clock. Its only 10:00 so you decide to pop in a movie and watch it. You pick The Fault In Our Stars and halfway through the movie your crying bc Augustus is sick and he has cancer all over him and Hazel is sitting there at his prefuneral and shes crying and so youre crying. Then all of a sudden you hear a car honking and you look at the clock and you realize it's 11:30. You run out the house and jump into the car. "Heey Sasha, can you give me a couple of minutes? I was In the middle of the movie and lost track of time. "Yeah sure but hurry up Riley!" You run in the house and do your makeup and rebrush your hair and rebrush your teeth and everything and then you head out to the car when you get a text. Harry: Hey beautiful! Wyd? You: About to go to the movies with Sasha. Wby? Harry: I was actually gonna go to the movies today to watch If I stay. You: OMG really? Me too!! Lol :) Harry: Yeah, so after the movies do you wanna do something together? You: Sure :) Sasha all of a sudden snatches your phone away and starts reading your texts. "Ooh, looks like someone's got a crush!" "Omg Sasha he probably just meant it as friends. Give me my phone back!" "Ok, fine! So you're gonna hang out with him after the movies?" "Yeah." "Oh ok, well I'll go back home and then watch some Netflix." "Mk sounds good lol" You soon get to the movies and you get your tickets and then you too go in and wait. After a couple of minutes, you feel someone sit down beside you and you look to see Harry wink at you. "Hey Riley." "Hi Harry" You feel your cheeks start to warm up and then you look over and see him smiling at you. "Your really cute when you blush, Riley. " "Oh, haha thanks." Then the movie starts but you can't really focus because you keep staring at Harry. Soon the movie ends and you get up and you say bye to Sasha. Then, you and Harry head out to his car and get in and you two go to his house. When he pulls up, you see his house. It's a huge 3 story house with a big pool in the back and he has a huge yard and his house is bright orange. "Oh my gosh, it's beautiful!" "Haha, thanks love."  You get out finally after looking around and go inside. When you enter the house, you see Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis.  Well, says Harry, "Let's all do something. What do you wanna do, Riley?" "Idk, it doesn't matter." "OOH! OOH! How about truth or dare??" Screams Louis, getting excited. "No, Louis. We play that enough." Says Niall. Louis starts pouting and sits down. "How about laser tag?" Says Zayn. You jump up at the sound of laser tag. It's your favorite game in the whole wide world. "Oh my gosh, yes. Can we?" Harry looks at you surprised. "You play laser tag?" "Haha, yeah. I love laser tag. I used to play it all the time, but I haven't played it in about a year." Louis stands up surprised. "Your for real? No girl we've ever met has actually ever liked playing laser tag." You stand shocked at the thought of this. "You're serious? Laser tag is my favorite game to play. Like ever." Liam stands up now and pulls the keys out, "Well, laser tag it is then. Now, who's car are we taking?" Louis walks towards you and says "We'll take mine." Everyone nods. So you all pile into the car and about 20 minutes later, you get to the laser tag arena. Y'all get out and split up into teams. It's you Harry and Zayn on one team, which is blue. Then, it's Niall, Louis and Liam on the other, which is red. Y'all have five minutes before the game starts, so you and Harry walk out and get some boiled peanuts and you two discuss what y'all are gonna do before the game starts. Harry says, "Well, do you wanna stick together or what?" Then you say "I think we should stick together in the beginning and then split up." He thinks about it for a minute, then nods. "Ok, that'll work." Y'all have two minutes left so you go ahead and get back in the arena. The buzzer goes off, then the game starts and the lights dim.  Everyone's vests glow and so you can see all the blues and all the reds. You and Harry run around then you run up the tower. Three red vests start coming towards you and then you shoot two of them and their vests go out. They mutter something then walk away. Harry shot the other one right before he got too you two. Then, Harry says"Ok, so we get down from the tower, you go left, I go right." You nod. "Ok. See ya when the game is over" you say then you two jump down and go separate ways.   Your walking around when you run into Liam. "Hey, Riley!" "Hi." You say, then shoot him. Liam looks down and groans, "Ugh! That wasn't fair!" You smirk and then say "OH but it was. You should be more  careful next time, Liam." He looks at you and says, "I'll get you, don't worry." You laugh and then walk off. You see Zayn and make your way over to him. He looks at you and says,"So who'd you get so far?" You say,"Liam, two guys and like 10 other reds. You?" "I got Louis, and Niall, who was eating and didn't even notice me coming up. I shot 4 reds in the tower, and 3 in the corner." "Oh, cool. Well, we should separate before someone sees us. "Yeah, good idea." You walk off again and you go around the corner and see 2 reds in the corner. You sneak up and shoot both of them before they even know what direction its coming from. You look at the clock, you still have 10 mintues before times up. You run up a brick wall and look down. You see a whole group of red coats hiding behind it. You start shooting at them, and they can't figure out where it's coming from. Then, a girl sees you and aims at you and you shoot at her before she shoots. Her vest goes dim and she looks down mortified. Your about to shoot again when you get shot and your vest turns dim. You turn around and see Liam smiling at you. "I told you I was gonna get you Riley." "Alright fine, we're equal, then." you look at the clock again, five more minutes. You still have 30 more seconds before your vest comes on again. Liam walks off and then you walk around again and you spot a tower on the other side of the room. You get there and see Harry there, hiding. You hurry up and get to the top and by the time you get there, your vest lights back up. "Hey, Riley." "Hey." You hear voices behind you and you see Niall and Louis walking up. You shoot both of them, and they look up and see you and their jaws drop. Louis just stands there and Niall starts pouting. "Riley, you're mean." Then he walks off and Louis gives you a glare then turns to walk away. Then, you shoot someone at the same time as Harry, and you shoot Liam again as he comes up. Then, you hear the buzzer go off, and you look at the score board. Names start flashing, you see Zayn's score:79 Niall:76 Harry:134 Louis:98 Liam:123 Then you see yours at the end: 152 Then your name flashes on the scoreboard: RILEY CARLSON WINNER!!! All the guys immediately come running towards you and Harry has a look of disbelief on his face. "How?? Out of all the people in this room, YOU were the winner! I can't believe that." "Riley, that takes some serious skill," says Louis walking up to y'all. "Haha, thanks. But I told you guys that I was good at this." You say taking off your vest. "No joke." Says Liam. y'all walk out the building then you say," So where to next??" Louis says, "Idk what do you wanna do guys?" "How about something to eat?" "NANDOS!" "Niall this isn't Ireland, We don't have a nandos here." "Fine." Y'all finally decide to just go to Mcdonald's and get something to eat. "Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?" Louis speaks into the speaker, 4 Big Macs, 6 things of medium fries and 2 double pounders please." "Ok, thank you."

~Skip to house~

You get back to their house and y'all sit down and you grab your Big Mac and thing of fries. Harry and Niall grab theirs and sit on either side of you. Zayn grabs his and sits on the sofa with Louis and Liam. You guys watch Finding Nemo (Liam insisted because it's his favorite movie of all time.) After that, you put in Garfield and you sit there and watch that. It's like 7:00 so you decide you need to go home and call it a break for the day. "Harry, can you take me home?" "Yeah, sure love." You two get up and then you say by to all the guys. Harry takes you home and then as you're getting out Harry leans over and says, "Riley?" "Yeah?" "Do you wanna hang out again tomorrow?" "Yeah, sure." "OK. Bye Riley." "Bye." You get out and immediately get in the shower and you just stand there washing and replaying the moments in your head. You get out and brush your teeth and get dressed and you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

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