Life with One Direction

Riley Carlson and her best friend Sasha are HUGE fans of One Direction! When they bump into them, what will happen to them? Will they just go back to having a normal life or will they keep in touch with 1D? All your answers will be answered in the chapters of my movella, so read to find out!


2. A day at the mall

Riley's POV

"Oh my gosh!," Sasha yells into the phone, which hurts my ears because well... Sasha's loud whenever she gets excited. Yup, just the way she is I guess. I don't know how I even put up with her sometimes, but I surprisingly do. "What?" I ask her. "Ok, so you know how we are out of school and everything now and it is OFFICIALLY the first day of summer. We graduated so we don't have to go to school next year, right?" "Right." "Ok, soo," she drags out the o in so. "So we could go shopping today!" She says happily that she came up with the idea. I laugh and then reply "Ok cool. So when are we gonna go then?" "Like in about an hour. That gives us both time to get ready and everything." "Mkay see ya then. Let me go get ready ok, Sash?" "K, bye love you" She hangs up. Now I gotta figure out what to wear, I think to myself. I go to my closet and look through all of my clothes and stuff. After about 10 minutes of looking through my closet I finally decide on a black and clue striped shirt with a pair of plain blue jean shorts with a little white belt to go with it. I then pick out a pair of blue sneakers to go with it. I find my Boobies rule bracelet and add that to the outfit as well. Then, I grab my blue and white purse to go with it. I grab one more thing to go with the outfit, which is a pair of shades.

I then go take a really quick ten minute shower and then I get dressed and everything and apply dark blue eyeshadow but to wear you can see it a little bit. I just leave my hair down because I don't feel like putting it up. I still have 15 minutes left before Sasha gets here, so I just decide to put my One Direction playlist on and listen to that and sing along to it and dance to it. After a while Sasha finally arrives. I hear a knock on the door so I go to open it and then I see Sasha looking just as gorgeous as ever.  This is what her outfit looks like:

"Augh!! You look so PRETTY!" She sqeals. "I could say the same for you too, Sash." "Ok, leggo!" Sasha says before getting into her car. I walk over to her red convertible and get into the passenger seat. We're halfway through the car ride listening to the radio whenever one of my favorite songs comes on. If you've never heard of this song, you HAVE to look it up. It is so beautiful, but it's called A Thousand Years by Christina Perry. We just sit there goofing off for the rest of the car ride after that. We finally made it to the mall, so we both literally jump out the car and run into the mall. We go into the first store we see, which is Kohl's. We both look around a bit but then we get bored after awhile so we move on to another store. We bought like... 10 pairs of jeans and shirts in there. Afterwards, we go to the Cafeteria thingy and get some food and we eat it like pigs. We go into Victoria's Secret and I find a beautiful pair of lacy panties (not thongs, just normal panties) and buy those. We get tired and so we are just walking around the mall on our way towards the exit when I'm not paying attention and I accidently bump into someone. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to do that. Are you ok??" "It's ok, love. Accidents happen!" He says in a husky voice. I know that voice I know I've heard it somewhere I think to myself. I look up and there right in front of my eyes is the boy of my dreams. Harry Styles is standing right over me.

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