Demon Revolution

There are nine circles in this place that we call home. The first two circles are for the elite and higher class demons and the rest are for the low class demons and humans who have yet to lose their sanity. The three of us live in the outermost circle. The ninth circle and our parents are rulers of districts up in higher ranking circles. We have decided to start a war that will change the three worlds and our lives forever.


5. Spy?

We start walking out of the woods. She's following very timidly behind me as if she knows something bad is happening. We make it to the edge of the woods and there are hover crafts dropping bombs on the city. Thank god we built underground, right? I stop in my tracks as I had noticed her stop walking. I turn around and she's crying and shaking her head.

"I'm sorry, Katherine." She says.

"I knew there was something off. Come on, I can help you but we need to get into the city." I tell her and she stares at me with wide eyes.

"It's being destroyed, all of your friends and everything is being blown up as we speak." She says. I shake my head and walk closer to her. I place my hand on the side of her face and she flinches.

"I'm sorry." I say before she passes out. I pick her up and quickly carry her to a back entrance of the city. We have a whole network of hidden tunnels and most of them reach out into the woods for an easy escape route. I climbed down the hole without being noticed by anyone on the outside and run to the hospital.


"Damien!" I yell as I walk into the hospital. He comes running out and as soon as he sees me and our sister his eyes go wide.

"Why is she here?!" He yells. I give him a look and he leads me to an empty room. I lay my sister down on the bed and turn to face Damien who seems pissed off. "She's a spy. Why did you bring her here?" He asks again.

"She's our sister and it's my fault that she became like this. I need to fix it. I can brainwash her again. I can reverse whatever it is that father did to her. You have to trust me." I say. He shakes his head and sighs. 

"Okay, but if it goes wrong she has to die. I hope you are prepared for that." He says. I nod and look at my sister sadly before Damien and I leave her to sleep.

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