Demon Revolution

There are nine circles in this place that we call home. The first two circles are for the elite and higher class demons and the rest are for the low class demons and humans who have yet to lose their sanity. The three of us live in the outermost circle. The ninth circle and our parents are rulers of districts up in higher ranking circles. We have decided to start a war that will change the three worlds and our lives forever.


3. Holding Grudges

“What was that? I’ve never seen anything like that happen before.” The general says.

“It’s an alternate personality that I created a long time ago. I created it to protect me from my father. It ended up becoming a weapon though. The first time it was used as a weapon I actually killed my best friend.” I say. I sit up and look around and I realize that we are back in the underground hospital. I see Kathryn sitting in the corner twiddling her thumbs nervously. I get up and walk over to her. I put my hand on her shoulder to show her that I’m alright and that I’ve calmed down.

“You really scared her. She had never felt so much anger and fear from a single person before. I also have to admit that I was kind of scared to come up to you while you were still like that but I knew if I closed my eyes I would be fine.” Sebastien says.

“Hey, guys. I’m sorry I acted on my own. I know that was really stupid but I couldn’t just stand by and watch them attack.” I say. Everyone in the room stops and stares at me and their jaws are on the floor. “What?”

“We didn’t actually expect an apology from you. We are glad that you realized that you acted wrongly.” The general says.

“Well, I have to admit I’m not very used to people yelling at me. You know coming from royalty and having someone do everything for me. I’m totally kidding. I never made any of the servants do anything for me. Of course every time my father caught me being kind to them he would punish me.” I say. I shrug my shoulders.

“There is no way you came from royalty. You don’t even dress like you came from royalty. You would be more snobby too.” One of the other guys says.

“It’s true Katherine and Kathryn come from the royal families of the first and second circle. They both got kicked out.” Sebastien says. “Kathryn’s father murdered her mother when she was very young and she’s been locked in the dungeon. Katherines father has beaten her to the brink of death so many time I think she’s lost count. He tried to kill her in other ways too. The last time she saw her family was at the ball for all of the wealthy families.” He continues.” She and her brother started living in the eighth circle once they were reunited and they were both officially kicked out of the royal family.” He stops talking and looks at me and then Kathryn.

“I’m going to call B.S. on that story. I mean don’t you think that if they were royalty they would take better care of themselves?” The lead doctor says. Then, as if on queue, my brother walks in. He is the only one who has actually done some upkeep with his royalty status.

“It’s true.” I say getting up and walking over to him. I put my arm around his shoulder. “My brother still likes to pretend that he’s a prince.” I give his shoulder a little squeeze to say that I’m joking and he scoffs. “I’m just poking fun but seriously we did come from royalty. I don’t know how I’m supposed to prove it to you other than my brother still managing to kind of keep up his royalty status.”

“Mhm, and you’re saying that this young lady here came from the first circle? This is so hard to believe.” The general says. Everyone else agrees.

“I think you’re just afraid of us.” I say. “Why are you afraid of us? Is it because you now think we are some kind of spies or something? Let me tell you something. If you think we are spies, you can do this revolution on your own.” I say. I turn to walk out of the room.

“Hey! You were the one who wanted to start this war in the first place! Aren’t you guys the ones who are holding grudges against your families?!” The general says. Sebastien, Damien and I exchange glances and start laughing.

“Grudges? Who said that we held grudges? We are not the kind of people to do that. We learned to forgive but never forget.” I say. I look around the room and all of the “adults” look dumbfounded. “It’s just not possible for us to hold grudges. It’s not in our DNA. Even Kathryn has forgiven her father for murdering her mother. this kid has already been in jail. How about me? I’ve been beaten senseless so many times that I can’t even count now.” I stop and take a couple of breaths. “Tch. Holding grudges. That’s such a childish thing to do.”

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