Demon Revolution

There are nine circles in this place that we call home. The first two circles are for the elite and higher class demons and the rest are for the low class demons and humans who have yet to lose their sanity. The three of us live in the outermost circle. The ninth circle and our parents are rulers of districts up in higher ranking circles. We have decided to start a war that will change the three worlds and our lives forever.


2. Attack on the Fourth Circle

“Katherine what the hell are you doing? You cannot act of your own accord. You are not ready to fight. You will die.” The general is yelling in my ear.

“Better me than them.” I say. I take the earpiece out and keep pushing forward with Kathryn and Sebastien following close behind me. As we near the fourth circle we can see that there is already smoke from a fire and we can see the bombers floating overhead preparing for the attack. I stop because I can't feel Kathryn still behind me. I turn around to see where she is and there is a huge aircraft coming out of the smoke. I put my earpiece back in.

"You should have at least let us get ready with your transportation home." The commander says. 

"Sorry. It was a little bit of short notice. Did you see Kathryn?" I say. Then, Kathryn bursts out of the smoke with all of our weapons that we had left when we were in such a rush. 

I thought we might want these because we won't be fighting against actual people so our powers are probably useless. Kathryn thinks at us. She is so much smarter than Sebastien and I.

Good thinking. I say as she comes up and gives us our weapons. She has her death scythe which is actually a giant black sword, I have my own hand made bow and arrows, and Sebastien has his own hand made weapons. We all turn around and get back in formation and head down into the district to protect the hospital from the bombs.



As we get closer I start to get an interference in my earpiece.

"Commander? General?" I ask into the mouth piece. The answer I get is the most shocking.

"I never thought that you my own daughter would be a part of the rebel team. I thought that I would have raised you to see that these low life people don't deserve to live like the royals do. I guess I was wrong. I will end you once and for all." My father. I was shocked when I heard his voice because he usually didn't accompany his men on any attacks. Maybe he just wanted to see if it was true.

"Katherine! You need to retreat now! Are you listening to me? It's really not safe. You are going to get killed." The general comes back on.

"Well, I'm glad to hear your voice again but can you please stop yelling at me?" I say. Suddenly one of my wings gets hit with a bullet from the enemy craft and I start to fall. I land on one of the roofs and there is one of his men waiting for me.

"well, we didn't  expect to be fighting actual people today but I guess we were wrong. What is your name and rank and why did my father send you?" I ask. I of course already know all of the answers I just wanted to hear him say it.

"He gave me direct orders to kill you. Any way possible. I think that you know what that means so I won't explain." He says. He gets a giant grin on his face as he moves closer to me. I close my eyes and summon my alternate. 

"He gave you direct orders, huh? What will he do if I kill you? He will probably waste all of his men and then run away, right?" My alternate says. She opens her eyes and looks down on the man.

"He will send more if you kill me." He stops short as his eyes widen and he literally falls into a mutilated heap on the ground.

"Well, I guess you'll just have to send more." I shrug and look up at the aircraft. "What can I say? Beauty kills." I get a huge grin on my face. The craft turns and quickly flies away not even bothering to drop more than one bomb. I just made Sebastien and Kathryn's job a lot easier.

"Katherine. Let's go back. We successfully saved this circle. we should celebrate." Sebastien says. He walks up behind me and before I can turn around he pokes my sides and causes me to pass out and turn back to normal

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