Demon Revolution

There are nine circles in this place that we call home. The first two circles are for the elite and higher class demons and the rest are for the low class demons and humans who have yet to lose their sanity. The three of us live in the outermost circle. The ninth circle and our parents are rulers of districts up in higher ranking circles. We have decided to start a war that will change the three worlds and our lives forever.


7. A New Threat

The bombs from yesterday had dealt some serious damage to the top layer of our underground city. Luckily there wasn't anything too major up there. Just living areas and the top floor of the dining hall. I walk up the last steps into the damaged area and take a look around.

"Damn. They really did a number on this area didn't they?" I comment. Sebastien laughs as he follows me through the debris. Kathryn is following somewhere behind him. We are in charge of cleaning up the mess since we are the ones who decided to start this mess with the inferno and the humans probably couldn't move most of this debris anyway.

"Where should we start?" Sebastien asks. I turn and look at him. 

"I have no idea. Why don't you decide where to start? Since you seem so eager to start cleaning up this mess. I was having fun just looking around." I tell him. He shakes his head and walks into what was the dining hall area.

"Let's start here." He says. He starts by picking up the giant pillar that used to be supporting the middle of the room and pulling it out into the hallway so that we could pick up the smaller pieces and start putting the room back together. I walk into the room and start picking up the smaller pieces of debris since I'm not as strong as Sebastien is but I'm still pretty strong.

"How is clean up going?" The general's voice comes through my ear piece. I roll my eyes as I continue to pick up pieces and moving them out.

"Who wants to know?" I ask back. I hear Sebastien snickering beside me and Kathryn smiles widely. I always have her in the link so she knows what I say or what is said through my ear piece.

"The people who want their rooms back." He replies. I nod trying to think of some witty response for him.

"Yeah. Well, we are three people and there is a lot of damage up here so it's going to take a while. Give them rooms on the lower floors. It's not like we have used up all of our rooms." I tell him. He grumbles on the other side but other than that it stays silent.

"I feel like we should have more help from the other demons who are also living here. It's not exactly fair for us to be the only ones on clean up." Sebastien says. I look at him and raise my eyebrow.

"When has this life ever been fair to any of us? I mean that's the whole reason we are here in the first place." I say. He nods.

"You're right. And you know what we can finish this in a day. If we actually work and there's no messing around." He gives me a pointed look. I raise my hands in a surrender fashion and turn to pick up more debris.

"Why did you decide to let the humans take everything over?" I ask Sebastien after a few more minutes of silence. We were actually starting to see the floor of the room.

"It's safer for them to be planning and not actually out on the field. Or at least that's what I figured but then they keep following us out of this safe place that I built for them. It's like they don't understand that I'm tying to protect them." He tells me. I nod thoughtfully while moving more pieces out to the hall.

"They want to fight for themselves. They need to feel that they are doing something meaningful. Even if it means that most of them die in the process. I guess that's how they feel they are doing well in a war. As long as more people of the other side die than their side then it's a good thing." I say. Obviously he already knows this.

"Yeah. I just wish that they would think about it more before just throwing their lives away." He trails off at the end of his statement. I see him make a sad face but I know he will be fine. We move the last pieces of debris out of the room and I look around.

"Where's the broom and dust pan?" I ask. Sebastien gives me an are you kidding me look. "I'm serious. We need to sweep this up before we can actually start putting it back together. Unless you think it's just going magically sweep itself." I say motioning around the room to make my point." He closes his eyes. "Oh. That's cool too. Angel mojo. Let me just go ahead and prepare myself for that by leaving the room." I say. I walk out of the room with Kathryn before a huge white flash goes off in the dining hall. It's over in a matter of seconds and we are walking back. The room is completely spotless when we walk back, as expected of an angel. "Cool. So where do we start?" I ask.

"Why don't we start by putting the pillar back so that the room doesn't completely collapse on us while we work on everything else." He suggests and I roll my eyes at the sarcastic tone in his voice. I walk over and pick up the pillar and start dragging it to the center of the room.

"Good lord. This is so heavy! How did you even carry this?" I complain as I get it to the middle of the room. He just rolls his eyes with a smile as he help me stand it up placing it perfectly with it's other pieces on the floor and ceiling. Sebastien knelt down and placed his hand on the crack near the floor and a small white light flashes from his hand as the crack slowly disappears. He does the same for the top and we start putting the tables back together and filling in the holes in the walls. It only takes about an hour for Sebastien to fully restore the room back to its original form but it took us about two hours to actually move everything out.

"Let's move on to the living areas." I say. Sebastien and Kathryn both nod. It takes us about four more hours to completely repair all of the rooms for people to move back in.


"Ahh. That was a lot of work. I'm glad it's done." I comment as we walk down the stairs toward the command room. We get to the door and the guards let us in.

"It's about damn time. Sit down. The broadcast is about to happen." The general says. The three of us sit against the wall and Kathryn grabs my hand. I give her  a comforting squeeze before the tv flashes on with the same flames that her father likes to use. 

"Circle 9. You stole my spy. I plan on taking her back. I hope you didn't make too many repairs because I will be paying you another visit and this time I'll make sure that your whole city is damaged beyond repair so that you'll have to show yourselves." He says. I clench my jaw and think about Lily and Kathryn. They are both so young and what about all of the humans. They couldn't live under the fear of his threat.

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