Bullied until the end.

For this teen Megan a normal day at school wasn't a walk in the park.
When her problem with bullies takes a turn for the worst it has devastating consequences can anyone stop them? Or is it too late?
Is Megan going to live her dreams like she wanted, or has the bullying destroyed everything.
Now it's not just the bullying that's the problem Megan's insecurities and family problems are getting in the way of the most important thing. What now? How will this end?


1. Introduction to my life.

My names Megan, a 16 year old medium height brown hair brown eyed school girl from England and i live in a small town called Gosport its quite good living where i do really, it helps when i need a place to go to get away from it all, i love sitting on the edge of the walkway looking out to the sea. My favorite time to sit there, gazing at the turquoise ocean is when the tide is in and the sun is setting that way i'm more relaxed and i can just let my negative thoughts about everything drift away like the passing day. Things have been tough recently mum and dad on the edge of breaking up. When i go to bed all i can hear is the yelling and the crashes as they throw things at each other and the abuse they continuously shout eats away at me until there's nothing left. I thought their marriage was strong and now its falling down, like if you remove the bottom brick from under a house, the walls come tumbling down around you. So this is my life. Everyday i wake up wash my face hoping the pain can be washed away at the same time. I put on my make-up hiding my upset, ugly face, battle scared. Putting a fake but brave smile on my face day after day to face the un-imaginable and the disgraceful people who dare to call themselves human. Those bullies are such twats they just bully and bully until there's no dignity left in me until there's no soul left for me fight back with. I just blank it out like its not there but it hurts me it still burns a hole in my heart no matter how i hard i try to ignore it the pain can never go away.

So this is practically my life, a big shit hole! The only upside about going to school is that i'm with my friends each and everyday no matter what the circumstances may be they still make it their mission and usually succeed to put a smile on my face. They're the people who keep me going. my best friends are incredible always there for me and always supportive. Rosie Beever is one of my closest friends. A tall stunning girl with the sweetest smile and nicest figure and with a strong passion for dancing, my other true best friend is Scarlet Longno a petite girl with a also stunning figure, from the Philippines but now lives in England she understands like Rosie and is a cute girl with mid length brown hair and gorgeous chocolate brown eyes these girl are the only ones keeping me going they're the best.

Truly the best!

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