War Heart

"Now wait a second," Alex grumbles still half asleep. Dylan stops speaking so Alex can continue.
"I missed the first part. So there are all these girls and they are trying to do what exactly?" He questions. I sigh, it pays to pay attention.
"There are only 4 girls, Nala the red headed bandit, Kara the fighter, black hair comes from Kilren where there are orange dyes, Ali the sword expert who was Dylan's best friend and Bella the leader with the unique ability to order people things and they have to do it. The four of them are trying to defeat Riley and his mutants because he somehow built a mind control system," I sum up for him. He takes in the information and slowly nods.
"So the red head, the fighter, the sword expert and the leader are going up against a vampire with a wicked talent to cause trouble," Alex shortens my summary. I frown at him.


6. Chapter 3 (Bella)

I cautiously step through the trees as dawn light streaks across the sky. I can hear the gentle breathing of the man who saved my life. I peer out from behind the trunk and watch his chest move as he breathes deeply. His clothes mark him from Rayn, my home country, where blue dyes of all colors can be found. I identify him as the son of a sailor from the deep navy coloring across his shoulders. He could pass as innocent looking but, I especially, know nothing is as it seems. Why did he follow me here? I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. The man is a threat because he helped me. Sure he could have just been being nice but I know  better. He could easily be a killer sent by Riley to bring me in alive. As I draw one of my daggers my thoughts briefly drift to the night he set me free. His mistake. He'll be dead by noon for that mistake. I walk closer until I have a good aim at him. I clench the handle of my dagger and aim just as his eyes flutter open sleepily. I let the dagger fly and the man's teal eyes widen with panic.
"What the-" he exclaims as he dives out of the way narrowly missing getting hit by the dagger. Before he can move again I disappear behind a tree trunk. The man stands, suddenly awake and I grab another dagger and take aim. A hawk cries overhead and I look up to make sure it isn't nearby. My dark blue eyes search the sky but the bird is no where to be found. Sighing in frustration I aim my dagger again but the man disappeared also. I pause a second to listen and whirl around at the sound of a foot brushing gently against the dirt. The soft thud that not even the best ears could hear alert me that I'm being followed.
"Thanks for the wake up call," he comments sarcastically as he leans against a tree twirling my dagger around his hand. I clench my dagger tighter and get ready to aim again.
"But...next time you might not want to miss," he adds as he throws my dagger to me handle first. I catch it easily and realize that he isn't trying to kill me. Or if he still is, he's doing a real good job of hiding it. I stare into his laughing teal eyes that are not only calm but secretive. His stares back at me and I watch as he takes two tentative steps toward me. My  breath quickens and my feet involuntarily turn to run. Suddenly I'm flying through the trees away from the man faster than I've ever run before. It's weird, I don't remember the reason to run. It just, happened. Out of the corner of my eye I notice the man sitting on my stallion who is galloping after me. She skid to a stop and spin around on the two so fast that my horse, Storm Runner, halts so quickly he knocks the rider off. He stands, brushes himself off and Storm Runner jogs away. He stumbles closer to me and leans heavily against a tree. I know better than to get closer. 
"Why are you so afraid for me to come close to you?" The man questions curiously as he steps closer. I know for a fact; the closer you are to your enemy the easier it is for them to attack you. That is why I refuse to get to close to him or anyone for that matter. He seems to be challenging me almost, by coming within an arm's length of me. I stay put although my instincts tell me to flee. I know I'll never have a better chance than this. My fingers brush along the handle of one of my daggers. He risks another few steps toward me, coming close enough to touch and I know it's time. I keep my eyes on his as I draw my knife. Silently I press it against the side of my leg, waiting for him to take the final step. As he does I move my hand so it's behind his back, an easy take-down. I feel his hand find my hand behind his back and he pulls it away so it's in front of both of us. He frowns and raises an eyebrow at me.
"I see you haven't given up yet?" He comments as he makes me let go of the knife. I drop it and shove him back.
"Why are following me? What are you doing here? Who do you work for? What are you doing with my horse?" I attack him with not only my questions but also my fists. He takes punch after punch but doesn't fight back. He smiles slightly once I stop.
"I knew you could talk," he smirks. I frown but my eyes widen once I realize what I asked him. What are you doing with my horse? Nala, Ali and Kara should be with my horse. The man smiles slightly and I can only guess what he's thinking.
"Your friends ran into trouble last night. Bandits, they're still there," he informs me. How does he know that? I slam my foot onto my knife on the ground and it  flies through the air. I catch  it with ease and point it at the man's neck. He backs against a tree but holds my gaze without fail.
"You really need to stop doing that, you're going to hurt yourself," he tells me pointing to the knife I just caught. 
"Don't worry about me 'Dylan'," I sneer emphasizing his name that the woman, Kate, called him. He cringes slightly but nonetheless manages to smile back in a similarly irritating way. 
"Oh, I'm not...'Bella'."

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