If Only I Had Known

Hi im Taylor anderson i have blonde hair and brown eyes my life was normal until one day i woke up after my friend Maia's 18th birthday party and got information that changed my life, someone liked me. But the question is did i like him well i thought i did until... Read to find out.


9. School and a Date

I woke up and sat up at the side of my bed.i looked at the time 7:30am i looked over at Maia to see she was already up brushing her hair."good morning"i said."mornin"she said.i then started to get ready i picked out my outfit it was a red  Aeropostale t-shirt and shorts.i then went to the washroom and curled my hair.when i was finished i went to the living area to see maya sitting there."you ready to go"i said."yup"she said getting up."lexi"i called.she came down the stairs ready to go.but she didnt say anything to me.we walked out the front door and into my car i pulled over at lexis school she got out of the car and didnt say a word and me and maia drove to our school. I pulled up in the parking lot and we ran in the school


After school was over maia and i drove to lexis school she got in the car and didnt say a word when we got to my house lexi got out of the car and went inside."could you drive me home,my mom just texted me"she said."yeah sure just go grab your stuff"i said.she then went inside and grabbed her stuff and came back out.i drove over to her house"bye thanks for having me"she said."bye see ya"i said she then left and i drove back to my house.i honestly wish i didn't have this date tonight but whatever.it was 3:30 so i went into the kitchen and poured myself some cereal i went and sat on the couch and turned the t.v. On.they showed a picture of Niall and i at tim hortons he was handing me a straw but it looked like we were holding hands. I didnt want to watch this so i changed the channel and watched t.v. Till 7:45 i brushed through my hair and got changed into my yellow,floral strapless dress from Aeropostale i put on my flats and then there was a Knock on my door.i opened it to see Niall standing there."you look"he took a breath"wow"he said.i laughed a little."your pretty wow yourself"i said he smiled and we were about to leave when i remembered Lexi."wait i forgot about Lexi"i said."would u mind if we just stopped at my grandmas house it wont take long". I said."sure"Niall said. I then ran inside and went to lexis room."come on your going to grandmas"i said she then got up and walked right passed me and down the stairs i followed we all walked into Niall's car and he started driving."where am i going"he asked."34 marvin street"i said."alright,so Lexi how are you"Niall asked."why my sister"she asked completly dodging his question."what"he replied."well there are so many girls on this earth so why my sister she asked"Lexi"i said in a shocked and mad way."well cause your sister is a wonderful girl thats fun to spent time with"he said."she rolled her eyes and looked out the window.we were then at my grandmas."bye Niall"she said and left.it kind of hurt a little.we then drove over to this huge empty parking lot and there was a huge hot air balloon in the middle.i got out of the car and Niall took my hand and led me to the hot air balloon.we then both got in and i noticed it was just us "wait your gunna fly this thing"i asked."ya i know how"he said."cool"we then started flying we went higher and higher till we finally had a view of the whole city there were lights everywhere it was beautiful."Niall this is its..."he cut me off"perfect"he said."yeah"i said surprised."why do you sound so surprised"he asked."its just i never thought i would really fall for you as much as i am,but you surprised me Horan"i said. He laughed.i then looked into his eyes.they were beautiful bright blue eyes that made me wanna hold him tight and never let him go.he then leaned in and i did to and we kissed and suddenly I no longer felt like we ruined our friendship i feel like i finally got out of the friend zone. He pulled away and we looked at each other for another moment. Ive never really been the girl to fall for guys with good looks and beautiful eyes but with Niall its just different in a better way."we should probably fly down"he said."ya probably"we then started flying down till we reached the ground we both got out of the balloon and Niall payed for the bill.we walked over to his car we drove home and Niall stopped i gave him a kiss on the cheek and went inside i walked straight to bed when i remembered Lexi."she'll just sleep at grandmas"i thought i then fell asleep feeling like life was just,better.

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