If Only I Had Known

Hi im Taylor anderson i have blonde hair and brown eyes my life was normal until one day i woke up after my friend Maia's 18th birthday party and got information that changed my life, someone liked me. But the question is did i like him well i thought i did until... Read to find out.


6. Oh no

Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up i looked around and remembered that i was at Taylor's ok I'm not going to wait any longer i am going to ask her out nothing will stand in my way.my door then slammed open and i saw Taylor standing there."whats wrong"i said to her."this"she said throwing a magazine to me. I read the front cover and it said 'Nialls new girl,
 girlfriend or bestfriend' i was shocked at this. Well this might stand in my way on the whole asking her out thing."alright dont worry about it they make stuff like this up all the time" i said."i know but my phone has been getting texts all morning" she laughed i laughed to and we walked downstairs. Now was the time

Taylor's P.O.V.

I think i got over the whole magazine thing now anyway me and niall walked downstairs to the kitchen. "So taylor can i ask you somthing"he said.on the inside i kept saying"please dont ask me out please dont ask me out"its not that i dont like him its that were friends."would you like to go out like on a date tomorrow"he asked.i thought about it i dont really want to only cause were friends but i dont want to hurt his feelings looks like the friendship is gone."sure"i tried to say as happy as i could."great well i better go" he said getting up."alright i said."bye"he said opening the door walking out and closing it behind him."bye" i whispered to myself. Oh i know your probably wondering its Niall why wouldnt you want to go out with him well number one We were friends and two i like someone else but no one can know who. Sorry but i just cant tell.Thats how its gunna stay lexi then walked down the stairs."is niall still here"she asked."no he left"i said."whats wrong"she asked.i let out a big sigh."niall asked me out"i said."and you sad about that"she said shocked."well i was hoping we could just be friends but if i said no we wouldn't be the same so ya"i said."well look on the bright side now your dating a celebrity"she smiled."oh Lexi one day you will learn"i said.she laughed and we both just sat there until i realised the long weekend was over and we have school today."lexi we have school today"i said.

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