If Only I Had Known

Hi im Taylor anderson i have blonde hair and brown eyes my life was normal until one day i woke up after my friend Maia's 18th birthday party and got information that changed my life, someone liked me. But the question is did i like him well i thought i did until... Read to find out.


13. Oh Lexi

ust so you know i have my own car so you couldn't have driven me home"i said."oh ya i forgot about that"he said i laughed a little when i remembered Lexi."oh no Lexi"i panicked."whats wrong"he said."shes at school, were in here for 2 hours"."2 hours"Niall said as if all he heard was the last part of my sentence."Niall focus what are we gunna do"i said."don't worry il Handel this he said taking out his phone. niall then dialed a number and put the phone to his ear.

Nialls pov

After Taylor told me we were gunna be in here for 2 hours i decided i was gunna call louis.i dialled the number and put the phone to my ear.after three rings he answered."hello"he said."hi its Niall"i need a favour."i said."sure what is it"he said."ok so i need you to go to St.Jospehs elementary school and pick up Taylor's little sister,"i said."wait but-i cut him off."don't ask questions just go"i said.i then hung up."louis will pick her up.i said smiling."thanks" i said

Louis P.O.V.

I hung up the phone,lets see if i remember, where st.Josephs school is.i got in my car and started driving around and after half an hour i finally found it.i pulled up in front of the school and walked inside."hey Lexi"i said."she turned to me and sat there in shock."y..y..your louis Tomlinson"she stuttered,Niall told me this girl was adorable,he was right."can you sign my iPod case"she said as she was searching through her back pack for her ipod. She took it out and handed it to me I looked at the case it was a picture of me I felt so loved.I signed it and gave it back to her"thanks so much"she said."no problem but your sisters in detention for two hours so I'll be driving home"i said."ok"she said getting up."sorry to bother you but would you mind writing your autograph on this sheet of paper,my daughter loves you"the secretary said."no i don't mind"i said taking the sheet of paper and signing it."here you go"i said handing it back to her."thank you,see you tomorrow Lexi"she said."bye Mrs. Rodgerson"i said we then walked out of the school."so are you good friends with the secretary"i asked."better then you think"she said while opening the door to my car and climbing in the front seat.i went around and got in the drivers seat."what do you mean"i asked?"you can't tell Taylor"she said."i wont"i replied.she sighed "well the secretary is my only real friend"she said."what,but your such a nice girl"i said."thanks but at my school niceness doesn't matter you have to be cool and I'm not"she said.i thought for a moment."do you have Twitter"i asked."yeah"she questioned."ok one sec"i said while taking out my phone"i held it up."smile"i said.i took the picture and went on Twitter."here type in you twitter name"i said.she smiled and typed it in.and I wrote.this is the best little girl in the world @Lexi_Love778 i posted it."thanks Louis I'm gunna be the coolest tomorrow"she said.i laughed "no problem"i said.i then pulled up in front of her house."are you ok to stay home alone"i asked."ya I'm fine thanks so much"she said.she walked out and closed the door of the car.i texted Niall.'i drove Lexi home shes inside now-louis'i waited for a response 'kk thx-Niall'ithen decided to drive home and watch T.V

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