If Only I Had Known

Hi im Taylor anderson i have blonde hair and brown eyes my life was normal until one day i woke up after my friend Maia's 18th birthday party and got information that changed my life, someone liked me. But the question is did i like him well i thought i did until... Read to find out.


8. Lexi,Maia and...

I went inside."lexi"i screamed."yes"she said."can you come here"i asked."she walked down the stairs she still had the sunglasses on."yes"she said."can you take off the sunglasses please"i asked"no"she said."lexi  please"i said."no"she said."Lexi now"! I said."she then took off the sunglasses and she had a black eye."what happened"i said."i got punched in the eye bye Mandy Lentin."why did she punch you"i asked.she sighed."do you have to know everything"she said sort of yelling."yes now tell me"i said."its cause i kept braging about how i hung out with niall over the weekend and she kept saying i was making it up and i kept bragging so she punched me"she said."Lexi"i shouted."I'm sorry"she said coming and giving me a hug it was the first in a while."awww thats nice"i said sweetly."your still so grounded though"i also said sweetly.she then Pulled away."why"she said angry."cause 1 i told you not to talk so much about it and 2 for bragging".i said."ugh"she said."go to your room"i said.she then stormed Up to her room.i sighed"I'm turning into my mother"i said to myself. I then shrugged and plopped down on the couch and watched tv for a few hours.i then grabbed my phone and went through my contacts wondering who to text i got down to Maia or Niall. I chose ella."hey Maia Wazzup- Taylor"."nothin much just chilling- Maia."cool wanna sleep over- Taylor."we got school tmo though-Maia."so what we go to the same school- Taylor"."good point let me ask my mom- Maia"there then was a few seconds of waiting."she said yes- Maia."kk come over whenever- Taylor"."kk il be there in 5-Maia.i then put my phone away and walked up to lexis room."Maia's coming over"i said."really can i-.i cut her off cause i knew she was gonna ask if she could hang out with us."no you are grounded so you are gonna stay right here in your room"i said."she then mumbled something under her breath what was that".i said expecting her to say 'nothing' in reply but instead."i hate you"she screamed at me. Those words really did hurt i never thought she would tell me she hates me."go to bed"i said emotionless."its 8:00"she said."i said go to bed,now"i said angry.she then turned so her back was facing me."i wish you would just die"she said while her back was facing me. i walked out of her room feeling really hurt i closed her door behind me then the doorbell rang. I went to go answer it expecting Maia to be there but nope its was Louis,Liam,Harry,Zayn,and  Niall. "hey What are you guys doing here"i asked while letting them come in and closing the door behind me."we thought we would come visit"Louis said."ok well my friend Maia should be here any min- i got cut off by the sound of the doorbell."go hide were gonna surprise her"i said."they all ran into the hallway and i went and answered the door."hey Tay"she said."hey Maia"i replied she then walked in and set her stuff down.when my phone started to buzz meaning i got a text.i took it out and read the text."can we come out now-Niall"."come out in 3seconds-Taylor"i sent the text and in a matter of seconds they all jumped out."surprise"they all yelled at the same time which made me laugh."oh my god one direction...is.s.s.....in...y..y..your... house"she stuttered."yes now calm down they played at your birthday party you already know them"i said.she took a breath."hi I'm Maia"she said calmly."nice to see you again"Zayn said.we then all walked over to the living area and sat on the couch and the chairs."so taylor are you Niall's girlfriend or best friend"Louis said."girlfriend"Maia said"really and how exactly would you know this"i asked ella."cause I'm your best friend"she said. We all laughed."i think we are kind of in the middle"Niall said."ya"i said."ok"harry said."how are you Maia"Niall said."im great"she said."cool,hey taylor wheres your sister"Niall asked."shes in her room,why"i asked."why dont you call her down"he asked."cause shes a little brat"i said angered."ok"Niall said a little defensive.We then sat and watched tv and talked until it was late."we should go"Zayn said."Niall came and gave me a hug."so i was thinking we could have our date tomorrow at around 8:00 is that ok"he asked me."ya thats fine"i said"ok bye"he said."bye"i said back they then walked out the door i closed it and then it was just me and Maia it was 12:00 so we went to sleep.


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