If Only I Had Known

Hi im Taylor anderson i have blonde hair and brown eyes my life was normal until one day i woke up after my friend Maia's 18th birthday party and got information that changed my life, someone liked me. But the question is did i like him well i thought i did until... Read to find out.


11. Fun in detention

I woke up still feeling happy.but there was this one feeling i have that i didn't have last night.as much as i want to like Niall there will always be that one guy that one that I've liked from the start. But i need to forget about him Niall is my boyfriend now and i like him.i got out of bed and walked to the bathroom i then brushed my teeth and put on my makeup.after that i went and got dressed then i went down to the kitchen and had some cereal after that i looked at the time it was 8:00am so i had time i sat and turned on the tv i started watching 'friends' when all of a sudden it went on commercial and it had a picture of me and Niall kissing in the hot air balloon.i was shocked how did they take that picture we were literally in the air.i listened to what they were saying "Niall officially has a new girlfriend her name is Taylor Anderson and she is 18 we caught them alone in a hot air balloon last night".i checked the time and it was 8:15am so i left.i stopped at my grandmas and picked up Lexi she still wasnt talking to me but i think i knew how i could get her to"so guess what"i said.she didnt answer."i kissed Niall last night"i said."what"she said shocked."yeah he's my boyfriend now"i said."oh my god my sisters dating Niall"she said."this time keep it to yourself"i said"ok"she said smiling.i then stopped at her school."bye"i said."bye"she said.she then got out of the car and i drove to my school.when i got to school i walked over to Maia. Ella,Selena,and Olivia weren't at school yet."hey"i said."did you see you and Niall kissing"Maia said in a happy voice."actually i was there when it happend"i said and she laughed.we then walked over to the little field that had a fence around it and on the other side of the fence was the parking lot."so did you have fun in that hot air balloon"she asked."ya it was so beautiful"i replied.then Olivia Selena and Ella came up to me."omg omg omg i saw that picture"Ella said really happily."what picture"Olivia said."oh my God did everyone see it"i said dodging Olivia's question."ya its the top story"Selena said."what picture"Olivia asked again.we were interrupted by the bell we all then ran inside and to our classes.


After school i saw Olivia,Maia,Ella and Selena waiting for me by that little fenced off field."hey" i said as i walked up to them."hey"they all said back. We were interrupted by the sound of a car horn. I turned around to see niall getting out of his car.i ran up and leaned against the fence as did he."what are you doing here"i asked."well i know your school ends now so i thought i would come pick you up"he said."aww your so sweet"i said. We then kissed through the fence."so that picture that you guys were talking about earlier is that what it looked like"Olivia asked.they laughed.me and Niall continued to kiss until we were interrupted."hey what are you doing"mrs. Lenternat screamed at us i swear this teacher was so unfair."you, in detention right now"she screamed at me."but schools over"i said."listen, your still on school property so go to detention now"she snaped at me."and you do you go to this school" she asked niall."uhh yes i do"he said.i turned around and mouthed the words."what are you doing"to him."well then you can both make your way to detention"she said."ok"we both said trying to act sad.we then started walking."why would you say you go here"i asked."cause now i can spend time with you"he said."thanks"i said and kissed him on the cheek.we continued to walk to detention. When we got to detention it was scary it looked   like hadn't be cleaned ever and i swear that guy in the back looks dead. There were no teachers there so everyone was sleeping or there were the people who were laying down with there feet up me and Niall sat in the front desks beside each other."hey pretty lady"one of the guys in the back said to me. He had blonde hair with a backwards snapback hat on."excuse me"i said."I'm saying your hot"he said."woah why don't we watch it there"Niall said."why what are you gunna do about it"he said."are you gunna get the rest of your wimpy little boy band over here"he said."listen insult me but don't insult one direction"Niall said starting to get mad."No" he said."thats it"Niall said getting out of his chair."ooo look pretty boy got up"he said."you don't wanna push me"Niall said getting in his face."or else what"he asked while pushing him away a bit."Niall just stop"i said. As he was about to sit down again but the guy just had to open his big mouth and said"good move you woulda lost anyway"he said. Niall then got up and pushed him and he fell back and slammed his head on the ground. I was shocked at first but then i smiled."nice one"i said high fiving him.he then kissed my cheek."no problem"he said.

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