If Only I Had Known

Hi im Taylor anderson i have blonde hair and brown eyes my life was normal until one day i woke up after my friend Maia's 18th birthday party and got information that changed my life, someone liked me. But the question is did i like him well i thought i did until... Read to find out.


7. Boring old school

ugh cant we just miss it" she asked."no now lets go we don't have a lot of time"i shouted. We both ran around the house trying to get dressed eat breakfast and pack our bags as fast as we could finally i was done."come on lexi we have to go" i said."coming"she shouted. She then ran into the room."lets go"she said. We then ran out the door and into my car and started driving. I drove over to lexi's school."have a good day" i said.she smiled and got out of the car she shut the door and i started driving. Well this day should be interesting considering i was on the front cover of a magazine on the weekend. I pulled into the parking lot of my school and i got out of my car and walked over to my friends Ella,Selena,Olivia,and Maia.Selena has dark brown hair and brown eyes,Olivia has blonde hair and green eyes, and Ella has dark brown hair and green eyes."hey"i said as i walked up to them."hey did you see yourself on that magazine"Olivia asked."ya its terrible"i said."so are you Niall's girlfriend or best friend"Ella asked."well used to be just best friend then he asked me out so im kind of both"i said as if it were just and ordinary sentence."woah woah woah wait he asked you out"Selena asked.i sighed."ya"i said"NIALL ASKED YOU OUT"!!!!!Ella screamed really loudly."then in a split second there was a huge group formed around us."lets go"i screamed. We got out of the group we started running we finally stopped at the fence when. Started to see flashes of bright lights and i heard screaming i turned around to see paparazzi."taylor are you and Niall a couple"one reporter screamed."are you Nialls official girlfriend"another one screamed."no comment"i said walking away with my friends we then ran inside to our lockers and went off to class.i had English,Art,Math,then P.E. I grabbed my english binder said bye to Olivia, and Selena and me, Ella, and Maia went to english. After english was over i had Art with Selena. After art i had math but none of my friends were in that class except for Brianna, but we weren't that close, then after Math i had P.E. with Olivia. Then school was over i then walked over to my car and drove over to Lexi's school she was waiting outside so she saw my car and walked over to it she was wearing sunglasses which was odd because it was about to rain.she opened the door and sat inside the car."whats with the sunglasses its gunna rain"i said,"oh there just really stylish"she said."really" i said as i was driving."yup"she said."ok" i said knowing somthing was wrong. I kept driving in silence we got home and it was raining lexi ran out of the car and into the house, time to go see whats going on.


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