Not For Real

Hi my name is Cora Albamonte.. I'm Harry style's sister. I know what your thinking. Why havent i heard of you? Why doesnt Harry talk about you? How are you just a normal girl? Well its kindof a long story so just stick with me and we will see how it goes.


3. The Movie

  I was walking down to the theater, its only a couple blocks away from my house. I was so excited, i just wanted to scream. I couldn believe we are going to the movies together! Just the two of us! Omg i forgot to ask what movie we are seeing...  


  When i got to the theater he was already there.  "Ready?" he asked me. "yupp yupp!¨ god im so scared. Like what if i do something wrong? Then i found out what movie we were seeing... Insidious 2..GREAT! I HATE scary movies! He knows that to thats why he picked it. 




  So i ended up watching about 10 minutes of the movie. Otherwise i had my head in his shoulder and was probably squeezing the life out of his hand. But he didnt care he thought it was cute. After our date he walked me home which was nice it gave us the chance to talk about stuff. I really like him but i dont have time in my life for a boyfriend right now, things are just to difficult. We talked about a relationship i felt horrible just saying i want to be friends but i have so much stress right now i just cant bear it. When we got to my house he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Then he just kinda left, it broke me a little inside and i dont even know why.


   I got back and told Harry everything, he was a little disappointed because he really liked Sean and it was one guy he actually approved of, But oh well he will live. I was so exhausted and i have school tomorrow but Harry is lonely and wants to talk. I am way to lazy to type right now so I told him that if he wants to talk he can call me. Five seconds later my phone starts ringing. "Hello" i say into the phone probably sounding exhausted. "Hey baby girl you do sound pretty tired." "I AM! I'm exhausted." I exclaimed. Then just like that he started singing to me, he calls me every night and sings me to sleep. I couldn't ask for a better big brother to take care of me. I wish that we could meet in person before i move to London but he has tour and i have school so its really hard.




  Homecoming is in three days! Oh my gosh i am so excited! I think its super cute Sean got a tie to match my dress, so yes he will be wearing a pink tie. Sometimes i regret not excepting his offer when he asked me out. But for now its just for the best. We are still like best friends and we are obviously still going to homecoming together. Harry has been distant lately, he said that he is back in London and that he is packing, but he wont tell me what he is packing for. I told Cailee last night but she said she already knew. Ugh this is so confusing lately. What is going on?





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