Not For Real

Hi my name is Cora Albamonte.. I'm Harry style's sister. I know what your thinking. Why havent i heard of you? Why doesnt Harry talk about you? How are you just a normal girl? Well its kindof a long story so just stick with me and we will see how it goes.


2. Preparation

  I don't even know why i was crying. I am going to miss him a lot, and i do absolutly love when he calls me babes. He always calls me babes or baby girl. I still couldnt stop thinking about their concert last night. He look the camera dead in the eye when he sang his solo in Little Things, because thats our song. He always does that just for me. I love it. Then when he introduces Just Can't Let Her Go. He looks out into the back of the arena, and says this is for my baby girl.. I hope your watching this. 


  I could have never asked for a better big brother. He is just perfect. Not literally but.. well you get the idea. I have a kik.. Harry made me make one because I need to connecr with my "fans" more. That's right I have fans.. I mean I am Harry Styles little sister.


  The school day went by fast. Their was a lot of preperations for homecoming. I dont understand why they have the dance so soon. I mean it's this friday night. I already have a dress. It's pink strapless and has a pink bow on the side with a badazzle in the middle. My dates name is Sean.. Well it's spelt Sean but pronounced like Shawn.. yeah it confusing. But anyways i really like him and Harry approves so it's okay!


  I got home from school did my homework all that stuff. Now im just texting Sean because i have nothing better to do.

Sean: Heyyyyy

Me: Hiii whats up?

Sean: Ugh just bored...

Me: Yeah same here wanna hangout?

Sean: Actually i was wondering if you wanted to see a movie tonight?

Me: Hmmm of course!!

Sean: OKay be there in an hour?!


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