Not For Real

Hi my name is Cora Albamonte.. I'm Harry style's sister. I know what your thinking. Why havent i heard of you? Why doesnt Harry talk about you? How are you just a normal girl? Well its kindof a long story so just stick with me and we will see how it goes.


4. Homecoming


   Homecoming night!!  I am so nervous i just have this feeling in my stomach... I dont know why its just a feeling like something exciting is going to happen. Anyways Cailee and I are getting ready in my bathroom. She is curling my hair because I have know idea how. Sean and Cameron ( Cailee and I's dates ) Will be here in about an hour. I am really excited to do pictures. 


  After hair is makeup, then dresses, shoes, ect. We got done a little early so we decided to just kinda chill out and talk. I told her all about Sean and I's date. She thinks i should have said yes when he asked me out, I feel like its going to be ockward tonight because of it. Atleast after homecoming we have a two week break off of school.


  The boys get here and we take our pictures, then Cailee"s dad drives us to culvers, because thats where we decided to hangout for a while and its right by the school. Cailee and i go and get a booth while the boys get there food. What pigs! Sean comes back with a giant shake with TWO straws. Ugh what is he doing? Cailee gets an aww look in her eyes. I just roll mine and scoot over. We stay there and talk for a good hour then we walked down to the school. I made Sean carry my heels because i didnt want to walk in them. But then he just ended up giving me a piggy back ride. 


  After we paid to get in the boys went and got us some punch and Cailee and I sat at a table. She kept glancing at the door I was wondering who she was looking for. Then all of a sudden her phone vibrated she jumped like ten feet in the air and then checked it. She got really excited all of a sudden, i couldn't really figure out why. But she took my arm and made me sit on the other side of the bench so i was facing the door. "What the hell are you doing?" i asked her. "Nothing just sit there and shut up" she said with a fire of excitement in her eyes. "Wait nevermind come back over here." She pulled me by the arm (really hard!) and moved me back to my original spot. A minute or so later i feel to arms rap around me. "Sean you know thats my ticklish spot" i giggled. Until i realized he was standing right next to me. Wait if he is standing there then who is hugging me? I turned around i couldnt believe who i saw. I hugged him as tight as i could and just cried into his chest.


So who do you think it is guys? Well sucks that you will have to wait til the next chapter!

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