I Want You To Love Me

17 year old Tiffany wants nothing to do, except find true love before she graduates High School. Too bad, that all of the guys at her school are Liars, Cheaters, Players & Jocks. But, luckily, here comes New Boy Drake and he changes her mind about the Liars, Cheaters, Players & Jocks. Maybe their is one guy that isn't, and she is destined to make him hers.


2. My New Friend

"Cool, I'm Brandon. Nice to meet you," he says in his sweet voice. He then, lets me up out of his muscular arms and puts his hands around my waist to steady me. I felt as if I was exploding right then. He asked if I was okay and then he began to walk away,  didn't want him to leave so I said, "I'm sorry for looking at you like a creep." He turns around and does the cutest half smile I've ever seen, "It's cool." Awkwardly, I turn and squeal excitedly to myself. "Hey wait," he calls out. "I'm lost, can you help?" "Sure, what's your class?" "Mr. Kepler." "Lucky for you, that's my homeroom too, I'll walk you." "Cool." We get to Homeroom and I take my seat, he stands at Mr. Kepler's desk. Mr. Kepler stands up and begins talking, "Class, this is Brandon, he just transferred from Airway High School, treat him how you would want to be treated, you can take a seat next to Miss Tiffany" he points at the empty seat next to me, and, Brandon sits down. Brandon looks over at me with a smile, I smile back. 


At Lunch, I get my tray of pizza, mystery meat, salad and juice. I sit with the usual crowd of people I always sit with at Lunch, which was, my best friend Andrew, Drake Johnston, Maria Johannes, Kimberly Evans and Whitney Powell. I take my seat in between Andrew and Maria. "Did you see the new guy," Kimberly asks me. "Yeah, he sits next to me in Homeroom." "Lucky you, I'd do anything to sit next to him." I laughed. Kimberly was always fantasizing about guys, she was boy crazy! Although, with her pretty long blonde hair, heart shaped face, piercing, goregous brown eyes and slim body, I understand why. A lot of guys want her, but, she just wants the right one. As I look around the cafeteria, I spot Brandon, staring at me. As if I was a big, building on the street. I turn around awkwardly and shuffle in my seat, I look to see if he's still staring, and, to my shock he is. I get up from my seat, and, walk towards him. It's like his stare, is hypnotizing me. I sit next to him and we stare at each other. His beautiful blue eyes and my pretty brown eyes, just looking at each other.  When he blinks, I snap out of my thoughts and, there I was, sitting on top of him, with my arm around his neck, like we're just some regular couple. "Sorry," I say as I stand up. "It's cool," He says as he stands up. "Can you at least agree to being my friend, before you go?" He lets one eyebrow go up in an arch. "Sure, Brandon." He does that cute half smile again. "Cool," He pulls me into a hug. "Bye friend." "Goodbye," "Friend,"


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