I Want You To Love Me

17 year old Tiffany wants nothing to do, except find true love before she graduates High School. Too bad, that all of the guys at her school are Liars, Cheaters, Players & Jocks. But, luckily, here comes New Boy Drake and he changes her mind about the Liars, Cheaters, Players & Jocks. Maybe their is one guy that isn't, and she is destined to make him hers.


1. I'm Tiffany

As I begin my morning as a Senior, I somehow know that my dream to find true love before I graduate will not be coming true. 17 years old and I have never even had a boyfriend, my first kiss, a crush and I'm probably the only girl who's still a virgin. The guys at my school are cocky assholes who only grieve themselves, another word I use to describe them is, jocks. There are a few guys who aren't jocks, like, my best friend Andrew, he's sweet, talented, funny and he's actually not that bad looking. His curly brown hair, piercing light blue eyes, muscular but kinda skinny body and his clear tan skin, he was something I'd call, beautiful. Another guy is, Drake Johnston, he's a sweet, sensitive and caring guy, but, not that good looking. He's not ugly, just not what I want. Me, on the other hand, I deserve a good guy, I'm smart, talented, caring, sensitive and athletic depending on the sport. I'm also not bad to look at. I have long brunette hair, straight sparkly white teeth, I'm the average weight of 103 pounds, and the perfect height. But, like I said the guys at my school are assholes. And, none of them are for me. I closed my diary, and, walked downstairs and out of the house without saying goodbye to my mother, father. My little sister, Stacy was already outside walking to school, without me. She's a 10th grader. "Hey Stacy wait up" I yelled, running to catch up with her. She turned around and saw me running, but, she had no intention of stopping. I finally catch her and draw my breath. "Hey," I said, "Is something wrong?" "No, nothing is wrong," She said aggravated."Then why are you speed walking to school?" Stacy hated school, more than anybody she knew. "Because Marie texted me and said their was this hot new guy named Brandon, and he's in your grade. I just wanted to see his face really quick." "Oh, probably just another jock." "Maybe." The rest of the walk to school was pretty much quiet, and, boring like always. Except, hearing about this new boy got my adrenaline pumping, ready to see him. 

Me and Stacy finally got to school after the long walk. Instantly our eyes darted from wall to wall looking for this new boy, Brandon. Even though I don't know him, I felt like he's a long lost friend of mine, and, I'm so excited to see him. My thoughts get interrupted by my sister hitting my arm, her mouth wide open, pointing to a guy next to a locker..... Brandon. He. Was. Flawless. His curly bang hid his right eyebrow, nice curly blonde hair, beautiful green blue eyes, his mouth curved into a half smirk, his perfect crystal white teeth shined through, his abs showed through his tight white shirt. He is the definition of Perfect, Flawless, Sexy, etc. Girls already surrounded him, feeling on his chest, flirting with him. I wish I was that brave. I even saw some of the jocks already trying to be his buddy. I was staring at him, maniacally. Then, I snapped out of it, when I saw him looking back. Like he was weird-ed out and turned on at the same time. I felt like I was going to throw up, right there, in front of everyone. Instead I turned and walked to the bathroom, calm and collective. I looked into the mirror and saw that my cheeks were bright red. I decided to say in there until they got back to normal, so, I checked my make-up, hair and everything facial related. After a few minutes, my cheeks were their normal skin color, so, I walked back out and the hallway was packed. I tried to scurry to Homeroom, and, from the back I got shoved and I fell into someone's arms. They smelt like, cinnamon gum, expensive roses with a mixture of Dove Soap. I looked up and it was... Brandon. I felt heat coming to my cheeks again. "Hey," He said, his voice sounded like he was singing a sweet melody, like how Chris Brown sings. Except, a little deeper. Nothing came to my mind to say, except, "Hi, I'm Tiffany."

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