Love Me, Love Me Not

Eleanor and Louis are dating. Louis is 16 and Eleanor is 15 in this fanfic they r both in high school and there is a new student at RoseWood High where louis,niall,zayn,and liam go too, even eleanor and Danielle go too. Eleanor and Louis are thinking about having a family after college. Though Louis is having trouble with what is going on with body!!

<3 ShipLarry!!


1. First Day of School

    Louis's Pov:

   "Good Morning beautiful," i said with a grin." Hey,i made you breakfast, Bacon,Eggs,and toast,". "Thanks babe, im starving."    I got out of bed and put on a white t-shirt with dark  jeans .I walked down stairs and saw Eleanor in the kitchen serving me my food, she was wearing a white t-shirt with a brown sweater with dark blue skinny jeans. " I heard that we have a new student at school." Eleanor said expecting me to reply, I  just sat there eating. " Mhmm," thats all i said i really didn't care, i finished eating I put my plate in the sink. " You ready babe?" she shook her head. We walked out the door, i opened the door for her, i could tell that she smiled when i did. I got in the car as well, we drove to school, it was a very silent ride i dont know why, so i brokethe silence, " Soo... are you and Danielle planning on doing something tonight?" " No,not really.Why?" Eleanor asked with a confused look." No reason." I knew there was something wrong with her I  just don't know what it was.


       Eleanor's Pov:

    I don't want Louis to hate me, I want to tell him it was an accident, just dont know how. "Louis,can i talk to you before we get to class?" " Sure babe what's wrong." he said it in his soft voice. "I was with Zayn this weekened and we umm..," I said in a loud whisper voice but softly, I can tell from the corner of my eye that his worried face turned to a furious face. I started to cry he left and I just sat there, i decided to walk to the cafe and skip school to feshen up. Niall texted me saying...

From: Niall

To: Eleanor

Hey, where are you? Did something happen between you and Louis?

I ignored the message, I saw Zayn smoking outide of  Starbucks, I was hoping he wouldn't notice me. "well,hello there babe, i had amazing time with you this weekened." he smirked i wanted to puke. "I didn't! Now leave me alone Zayn!" I ordered. "Sure you did, now why arent you at school?" " Why aren't you?" I replied. I went inside, i asked from a coffee with whip cream on top. I sat down and waited, I heard *Beep* it was my phone i got a message it was Danielle then i heard another it was Louis.


To: Eleanor

  Hey,Where are you?Im so worried,are you ok?

i ignored the message then read Louis's



Hey, Im sorry can you please tell me where you are at. Im sorry that i left you.Can we please talk?

I ignored his message, i walked home it was 15 minutes away. I got home, i dropped my bag in the living room and walked upstairs to my room, i took a nap and dreamed about Louis that was all i can think of.

  Danielle's POV:

  Im soo worried about Eleanor she won't answer my messages and at this moment I can't call her. *Bell Rings* well, now I can. I take out my phone and call her, please pick up......Dang It took me to voicemail. I see Louis so I walk up to him, "Louis,where is Eleanor?" " I don't know i thought you knew where she was." he said with a confused, worried face. "She is your girlfriend." I told him, "But, you guys are very close like sisters." I got so mad of him i walked off .

*School is Over*

If I was Eleanor where would I go?I got so worried,Wait im so stupid she might be at he house.I got in my car and drove over there it took 5 minutes. I knocked at her door, noone answered. I got even more worried, I'm soo stupid once again she always keeps a spare key under the mat, I looked under there with relief when I figured out that it was still there. I opened the door quietly, I ran upstairs to her room, and saw her there on bed laying down bawling her eyes out, her eyes were super red.I ran over there and hugged tight,my eyes were getting watery,I started crying. I asked her what happened," I had sex with Zayn," she said in a quiet whisper hoping i wouldn't hear you. I was mad her but right now wasn't the time for someone else to be mad at her. But, I still don't know why she will cheat on Louis they been dating for almost a year already. I just sat sat there holding her tight I didn't care at this moment that my shoulder was soaked wet by her tears. Her phone had 5 messages sent 1 minute ago from Louis,Niall,Liam,Zayn,and from our friend Perrie (Zayn's ex-girlfriend). Eleanor fell asleep I went downstairs to the living room and watched TV, I soon fell asleep on the coach too.



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