The Second Part Of My Life (Sequel to My Real Life)

Lily's life...has never been normal...this is life after her half-sister Charlie is in the hospital. Lily cope's with many situation's that affects her life.


8. Chapter 7

Niall's POV: I was fast asleep on the couch, when I was suddenly awoken by my cell phone ringing. I answered it after it stopped ringing.

  "Hello?" I said.

  "Hey. It's me."

  "Hi. Whats up?"

  "Court and Drew want to move in with us, so then they can save up money."

  "Yeah. We have the guest bedroom, on the first floor."

  "Okay. I'll tell them. I'll see you soon babe."

  "Yeah. Bye."


  I ran my hand through my hair. I walked into the kitchen, and started making myself a sandwich. The doorbell rang, and I set down my knife. I walked to the front door.

  When I got to it, nobody was there. I looked down, and saw a card. My name was written in cursive. I ripped the envelope, and took out the card. It read: Niall. Please meet me in the park around four-thirty. - Lily

  I walked back into the kitchen, and finished my sandwich. I went into our bedroom, and found a shirt to wear. I reslicked my hair, and walked out. I click my home button, and saw it was 3:55pm. I switched on the telly.

Unknown POV: I slipped those roses into Lily's car, right after I went to her flat, and knocked on the door. I plan to kidnap Lily, for Andy. They sent him out of the country, for trying to kill someone. I'm flying to America tonight with Lily. She will love him, whether she likes it or not. Andy will kill me, if she doesn't come. He's my half brother, but he's got some anger issues. I love him anyways, and I was just like him, before I went to jail. I lossed the one I love, and lost her to Simon Cowell, then Des Styles. I made one careless mistake, and that was killing her sister, and one of he daughters. Lily is my daughter, and Andy doesn't know that, Lily is his niece. I won't tell him, until the time is right.

  I've followed Lily for months, and tracked where she went. I'm more of the stalker type of guy. Andy wrote both of the notes, and I'm suppose to kidnap her in the park. I don't know how I'm going to do that, but I will just wing it.

  (A/N if you want to see what the unknown guy looks like, here's the link

  I waited in the park, and my watch ticked closer, and closer to four.

Lily's POV: I pulled up to the park, and hopped out. I locked my car, and headed towards a bench. A guy was sitting there, and he was reading a newspaper. He flipped the page, and kept reading. There was another guy sitting across from me, that kept staring at me. I took out my book, and started reading.

  A while had past, and Niall still hasn't shown up. I looked at my watch, and it said 4:30. The man had gotten up, and walked over to me.

  "Excuse me, miss. But it looks like your date hasn't shown up. Would you like me to walk you home?" He said.

  " thanks. I'll stay here for a little while," I responded.

  "Are you sure? Cuz it's almost supper time."

  "Yeah I'm sure..."

  He sat down next to me, and stared across the park. I felt uncomfortable, so I got up, and started walking. He followed me. Every turn, every obstacle, he was right behind me.

  "Do you need something?" I asked, after I turned around.

  "Yes," he responded.

  All of a sudden, I was being tackled by the man. I rolled over, and started hitting him. I felt something hard in his pocket.

Niall’s POV: I was walking up the sidewalk, that led to the park. It was a peaceful walk, until I saw people fighting. I saw a better look, and realised the one on the ground, was Lily.

  “Lily!” I yelled.

  The man stopped hitting Lily, and stopped straddling her. He started walking over to me. Lily got up, and limb ran to me.

  “DON’T TOUCH HIM!” She screamed.

  “Get outta my way!” He responded.


  Lily screamed so loud, that people were noticing what was happening. I saw that some people had their phones to their ears. Sirens blared in the background. The man pulled out a gun, and aimed it at me.

  “DID YOU CALL THE COPS!?” He screamed.

  “No!” I responded.

  His finger went closer to the trigger. The police got closer to the park. His finger touched the trigger, and it went off.

Lily’s POV: His finger was getting closer to the trigger. So many people had called the cops, and the man pulled out his gun. A shot rang out all of a sudden.

  “NIALL!” I screamed.

  I ran towards his fallen body. I kneeled next to him, and started to cry. The man pulled my hair, and dragged me towards a black SUV. Niall’s body layed on the sidewalk, with a small pool of blood around him. The next thing I know, I’m blindfolded.

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