The Second Part Of My Life (Sequel to My Real Life)

Lily's life...has never been normal...this is life after her half-sister Charlie is in the hospital. Lily cope's with many situation's that affects her life.


7. Chapter 6

Court and I had the day off, while the boys were at the studio. Court wanted me to help her plan her wedding. We had sheets laid out on the kitchen table. What came she wants, dress shopping, shoe shopping, and finding the perfect place to get married. The first sheet I grabbed was the dress, and shoes shopping sheet. We only had a $1750 clothes budget. We have to get four brides made dresses, five pairs of shoes, and the wedding dress. Plus all of the accessories. I searched stores on my laptop for wedding dresses, and bridesmaids dresses. Then u check to see if my favourite shoe store had the perfect heels for every bridesmaid, and Court.

  "For the Jewlery store, we'll just go to Charming Charlie," I proposed.

  "Yes!! Defiantly yes!! That's my favourite store!!" Court responded.  

  I nodded, and I grabbed the cake sheet.  Court had dug out $500 for the cake, and a few decorations on the cake. We heard the garage door open, and we scrambled to put the sheets in a pile. I picked up the sheets, and held them to my chest. Drew walked in, and came over, and kissed Court's cheek.  

  "Hey Lily!" He said.

  "Hey," I responded.

  "What are you doing over here?"

  "Court and I were just hanging out, and talking."

  "Talking about what? Planning out wedding?"

  I looked at Court shocked, that he knew that.

  "Babe. How'd you know that?" Court asked.

  "It was on the Calendar."

  "Oh yeah...I forgot I put it on there...whoops!"

  "It's fine, but you two need to go looking for a cake, and a place to get married. Drew, you need to get a tuxedo, and I'll get all of ur groom's men tuxedo's too."

  "Okay. Lily, can you come with us?" Court asks.

  "Yes! I wouldn't miss it! I mean! It's looking at cake, and a place to get married. Remember I have to get experience, before my wedding," I responded.


  I grabbed my bag, and started walking towards the door.

   "Lily...before you go...Court and I want to ask you something..." Drew said all of a sudden.

  "Yes?" I said, and turned around.

  "Umm...well Court and I are going to save money for the wedding, and for a house. So...we were wondering...if we could move in with you and Niall...until we have enough money..."

  "I'll ask moment," I responded.

  I pulled my phone out, and dialed Niall's number. I brought it up to my ear, and it rang, and rang. It hit voicemail.

  "Hey Niall. It's me. Court and Drew-" I was saying.

  "Hello?" Niall's voice said.

  "Hey. It's me."

  "Hi. Whats up?"

  "Court and Drew want to move in with us, so then they can save up money."

  "Yeah. We have the guest bedroom, on the first floor."

  "Okay. I'll tell them. I'll see you soon babe."

  "Yeah. Bye."


  I hung up, and walked back over to them.

  "Niall said that's fine. When do you move out?"

  "Tomorrow morning."

  "Okay. I'll be over by seven. I should probably go home, and make dinner. I'll see you guys tomorrow."


  I walked out of there front door, and opened my car door. A note was laying on my passenger seat, with roses. I picked up the roses, a smelled them. They're my favorite flower.  I picked out the note, the was wedged in between the roses. It read: For my love, Lily. Meet me in the park, around four.

 I looked at my watch, and saw that it was 3:55. I only had five minutes to make it to the park.

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