The Second Part Of My Life (Sequel to My Real Life)

Lily's life...has never been normal...this is life after her half-sister Charlie is in the hospital. Lily cope's with many situation's that affects her life.


6. Chapter 5

“Good Morning London!!!” Alexandra said into her mic. “Today One Direction is here, and joining us is Niall Horan’s girlfriend, Lily Cowell! How are you today Lily?”

  “It’s pretty good. I’m just glad I’m finally happy to be home after a few months. I know that my friend Aubrey, entered in a photo contest, and I we are announcing the winner. Am I correct Alexandra?” I responded.  

  "Yes. Yes you are. Before we announce that, and the number one song of the week, here's a song for you! Treasure by: Bruno Mars!!"

  She started playing the song, and she took off her headphones. I got up and went by Niall. He put his arm around my waist, and Alexandra stood up.

  "So...what are you guys looking forward the next tour year?"

  "Well we expect more America, and a little more Australia," Harry responded.

  "Oh, that's cool. My little sister lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin. She's a huge fan, and wishes that you would come to Milwaukee."

  "We can figure something out," Zayn responded.


  I leaned down, and whispered in Niall's ear.

  "Should we tell them, that we're engaged?"

  "Sure. Only if you really want to, and I'll join you in saying it," he responded.

  The station went back on air, and Alexandera started taking again. Then she played about five more songs, before commercials.

  "Welcome back! Now we are going to announce the one and only person who is the winner of the photo contest! Lily?"

  "The winner is..."

  A drum roll started.

  "Aubrey Scott!! Congratulations!"

  "Great job! Your pictures will now be in the One direction tour! Now please call in sometime during the show, and tell us who you're spending the weekend with! Next up is more songs! And we're going to announce who's number one, close to the end of the show! Stay tuned!"

  She started playing What Makes You Beautiful, and scrolled through her song choice, as that song carried on. My phone buzzed, and I looked down. It was a text from Niall. He said:

  R u going 2 say it?

  Yes...during ur question time...

  Okay. Harry says hi, and that Charlie is doing much better.

  Tell him thx, and that I say hi back, and question time is on next.

  Okay. Talk 2 u soon! Luv u!!

  I put away my phone, just as the song ended.

  "Question time!!! Most of you guys tweeted us some questions for us to ask One Direction! Here we go! Question for Louis. It says: Are you and Lily's friend, Aubrey Scott close friends, or in a relationship?"

  "Well...I don't really want to say on the radio, but we are really close friends," Louis responded.

  "Okay. Next for Niall. @nicole_star_jones says, are you and Lily engaged?"

  " you want to answer this question?" Niall said.

  "Sure! Well...yes...Niall and I are engaged. Ummmm...Niall do you want to tell the story?"

  " was taking pictures of our good friend's Courtney, and Drew. We were sitting on the picnic blanket, that Aubrey set up. I had been holding on to the box for quite sometime before that. While Aubrey was taking Courtney, and Drew's pictures, Lily and I were sitting, and talking. I pulled the box from behind my back, and just popped the question."

  "Someone else just tweeted a question. It's @Jenifer_Aubrey_Anders, she says was it romantic?" Alexandera said.

  "Yes. Yes it was," I responded, and Niall slid his hand across the table.

  We held hands, while Alexandera was playing songs, and talking. The clock kept ticking closer and closer to the noon hour. Kiss FM, in the morning ends at noon, while William Holmes takes over for the afternoon.

   "Now! It's what you've been waiting for! Who's number one this week? Is it Fifth Harmoney with Miss. Movin on? Or is it One Direction and the Best Song Ever!?!?"

  Alexandera hit a button that made the noise of crickets.

  "The number one song is..."

  More quietness. Niall and I stopped holding hands, so then I would hurt my hand on the mic stand.

  "........One Direction!!!!"

  The Best Song Ever started playing, while we jumped up, and down, yelling. I ran over to Niall, and he lifted me up. The rest of the boys were still yelling. The phone was ringing, and I heard Aubrey's voice.

  "(Muffled) Hello caller. (Yelling voice) GUYS!!! QUIET DOWN!!"

  Everyone quieted down. I sat back in my spot, and slipped my headphones back on.

  "Sorry caller. Hello. What your name?"

  "Aubrey. Aubrey Scott. I'm the winner of the photo contest," Aubrey said.

  "Who are you going to spend the weekend with?"

  "Courtney, and Lily!"

  "Anyone else?"

  "And maybe One Direction!"

  "Okay! What do you say guys?"

  "Yeah!" We all yelled.

  "Thank you!"

  "Your welcome, Aubrey! Have a great rest if the day!"


  Alexandera hung up, and finished up the show. Once the show ended, then outside door, of the Kiss FM, studio was covered up with faces. We all looked at each other, with panicked faces.

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