The Second Part Of My Life (Sequel to My Real Life)

Lily's life...has never been normal...this is life after her half-sister Charlie is in the hospital. Lily cope's with many situation's that affects her life.


4. Chapter 3

“Okay guys! Gather around!” Aubrey yelled.

  We all went around her, and looked at the pictures. Courtney, and Drew picked out pictures, Niall and I were deciding, if we wanted to have Aubrey to showcase, our couple pictures. We don’t really want people to know, that we are engaged yet. We decided to go with the last couple picture we took, and my single picture, of me up in the tree.

  “Thanks Aubrey! This means so much to all of us!” I told her, cheerfully.

  “Your welcome!” Aubrey responded, as she hugged me.

  Bella ran over, and jumped into my lap. She’s still a small dog, but I kind of wish, she was a little bigger. Dad had given me Bella, for my great job for becoming a great singer, with Courtney. Niall leaned over, and kissed my cheek.

  “Well...we’ve got to go,” Court said.

  “Bye!” We all responded.

  Niall and I sat there with Aubrey for another ten minutes, before we decided to go home. We were walking home with Bella, when we got ambushed, by fans. Bella went crazy, and I picked her up.

  “Can you please, sign this picture?” one of them asked.

  “Yes,” I responded.

  I took the picture, and signed it. the when I handed it back to her, she noticed the ring.


  “No...its just on my left middle, “ I responded.

  “Oh, okay. I was just wondering…”

  “It’s okay.”

  The crowd finally left us alone, so then we could walk home in peace. Bella started pulling, and we were both walking hand in hand. Niall leaned down, and kissed me, right as the paparazzi came, and snap pictures of us. They had their photos and left. We got to the front of our shared flat.

  “Babe, I’m going to go, and grab something from Harry’s. I’ll be right back,” he told me.

  He kissed my forehead, and started walking down the street. I tugged Bella up the drive, until we got through the front door. The house felt so empty. Then my phone started ringing.

  “Hello?” I said.

  “Hello Lily,” The strange voice said.


  “Yes look lovely tonight.”

  I turned and saw Andy standing their. Bella started growling, and moved closer to Andy. I clutched my phone, and I hit speed dialed one. It was Niall’s.

  “GET AWAY FROM ME MUTT!” Andy yelled, just as Niall said hello.

  “Lily...Lily are you okay?” Niall asked, worried.

  “Call the police, and hurry!” I whispered, and hung up.

  Andy kicked Bella towards a sharped cornered wall. I ran over to the sliding Bella, and scooped her up.

  “How did you get in here?” I asked, scared.

  “Came through the front door,” He responded.

  “It was locked…”

  “I can find ways to unlock a locked door.”

  At that point I ran to the closed bathroom, locked the door, and put our moveable vanity in front of it. I unlocked, and opened it. I quickly jumped out, and reclosed it. I ran down the sidewalk, and I saw sirens in the distance. All of a sudden, someone grabbed me. I felt something cold, lightly touch my neck.

  “Sir! Please put down the knife!” An officer said.

  I felt the knife get closer, and the he dropped it. He backed away from me. Niall was running down the sidewalk, towards me. He pulled me close, and I cried. Bella jumped out, and collapsed on the ground. One of the officers picked her up, and held her.

  “Is this your dog, miss?” He asked me.

  “Yes...Andy kicked her towards a wall, but I scooped her up, before she hit the corner,” I responded.

  “It looks like she has a few broken ribs. I’ll take her to the veterinarian, and you guys can go home and rest.”

  “Thank you officer,” Niall said.

  He nodded his head, and left with Bella. Niall walked me home with an arm around me. I was so in shock, I could barely walk in the front door. He let me sit on the couch, as he went into the kitchen, and made me a sandwich. He sat down next to me, with a Seven-up.

  “Are you okay, luv?” Niall asked.

  I didn’t respond right away. Niall put his right arm around me, and brought me closer.

  “Yes...just...shake up,” I responded.

  “It’s going to be okay,  luv.”

  “I’m going to head up to bed, babe.”

  “Okay. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

  Niall kissed my forehead, and I set down the empty plate. I opened the door, and saw a little girl sitting there, with duct tape over her mouth. Her hands were tied together.

  "NIALL!" I screamed.

  "Yes dear?" Niall responded as he opened the door.

  He saw the little girl, and pulled out his phone. I sat down on a chair, that's their for reading. She looked at me frightened.  

  "It'll be okay," I told her, as I got up.

  She moved away, and his her face.

  "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

  She looked back at me, and I gently tried to grab the duct tape. She moved very quickly. I walked to the bathroom, and grabbed rubber gloves. She was still facing away from me still.

  "Can I take the tape off, please?"

  She nodded. I slowly walked over to her, and I started to peel the tape off. Whoever put this on, really did a good job, at keeping her quiet. There was many layers of duct tape. I kept peelings, until it was all off.

  “What’s your name, sweetie?”

  “E-e-e-e-elizabeth…” She responded.

  “It will be alright. Who did this to you?”

  “I don’t know. He always talked to this women on the other line,on speaker. Her name was...Amanda, or Ashlynn. He’s name is Andy.”

  “Okay. Thanks sweetie.”

  She nodded, and laid down. SHe closed her eyes, and slowly started falling asleep. Someone knocked at the door, and I opened it. Niall was standing there, and saw the gloves on my hands. He raised his eyebrows.

  “What happened to her?” Niall asked.

  “I took off the many layers of duct tape, and she told me what happened, and who brought her here. It was Andy, and Ashlyn, this random girl,” I responded.

  The officers made it up the stairs, and saw the sleeping child. They looked back at me, and saw the rubber gloves.  

  “I was taking off the layers of duct tape, that was over her mouth. I didn’t want to put any more prints.”

  They nodded, and walked over to Elizabeth. She was fast asleep, and I grabbed a blanket, and laid it on her.

  “We’ll be back to take her to the police station tomorrow,” one of the officer’s said.

  “Okay,” I responded. “Thanks.”

  Niall carefully lifted up Elizabeth, and put her in the middle of our bed. I crawled in next to her, and she immediately, moved next to me. I wasn’t use to it, so I freaked out for a few seconds. I wasn’t use to it considering I’m an only child. Next thing I know, I’m fast asleep.


  “Lily wake up...Lily?” Niall said, as he lightly shook me.

  I felt around me, and realised Elizabeth wasn’t there anymore. I jolted awake, and had a worried look on my face.

  “What is it, luv?”

  “Where’s Elizabeth?”

  “The police already picked her up.”


  “That’s not why I woke you up, though. Look at this.”

  I sat up, and saw that he had GMA on. It was a new report on Simon Cowell.
 “Simon Cowell’s best friend, Andrew Sliverman’s wife is pregnant. Simon was having an affair with Lauren. Andrew wants to have a quickie divorce, and Simon will have to make an appearance in court, if his name is mentioned. Simon’s daughter, Lily is very good friend’s with the Silverman’s too. They’re like her parents, but they’re her godparents. Lily will probably have to come into court, and talk about Andrew, and Simon’s relationship.”

  “Thanks for showing me this Niall.”

  “No problem.”

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