The Second Part Of My Life (Sequel to My Real Life)

Lily's life...has never been normal...this is life after her half-sister Charlie is in the hospital. Lily cope's with many situation's that affects her life.


15. Chapter 13

*three months later*

  Now its finally my wedding. I was so happy! I stayed at El’s for the night, since I’m not suppose to see Niall on the wedding day. I woke up at six am, even though the wedding wasn't until eleven. I layed in bed, and scrolled through twitter.

  @LilyCowell56: I’m so excited!! Wedding day is finally here!!

  I hit post, and I got many retweets in seconds.

  @Amandakittens101: Yay! @LilyCowell56! You’re a lucky women!

  @You_love_me_4_who_I_am: Awww! Good luck Darlin! @LilyCowell56

  @courtcarlson55: Can’t what Babe!! Niall’s going to be married to my best friend!

  I smiled, and set down my phone. I dozed back off into a deep sleep.

  “LILY!!! LILY!!! GET UP!!!!” Court yelled.

  I slowly got up, and walked to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror. I looked like Mrs. Frankenstein. I took out El’s brush, and brushed out my hair. I looked back into the mirror, and I looked much better.

  “Oh! So you’re the one who’s up,” El said.

  “Yeah. Today is my wedding day!” I responded.

  “Let’s get started then..”

*skips to end of the car ride*

  El, Christen, and Taylor got out, and started down the aisle. Niall and Drew were waiting at the end. I got out, and Court held my veil.  I went down the aisle smiling, My mum, and Des were sitting next to Simon. Charlie was standing by El. She was my flower girl, and her Leukemia was getting better.

  “Do you Lily Alexandera Cowell take Niall James Horan as your beloved husband?” The priest asked.

  “I do,” I responded.

  “Do you Niall James Horan take Lily Alexandera Cowell as your beloved wife?”

  “I do,” Niall said.

  “You may kiss your bride.”

  Niall dipped me, and kissed me. I saw Charlie flinch, while everyone clapped. I took Niall’s open hand, and grabbed Charlie’s. We walked down the aisle. Charlie was having a blast walking down the aisle with her big half sister.

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