The Second Part Of My Life (Sequel to My Real Life)

Lily's life...has never been normal...this is life after her half-sister Charlie is in the hospital. Lily cope's with many situation's that affects her life.


14. Chapter 12

 "I'm pregnant..." She finally spit it out.  

  “You’re what?” I responded.

  “Don’t tell anyone! I’m going to tell everyone after the toast…”

  “Does Drew know?”

  She went silent.

  “Drew doesn't know yet?”  

  Court shook her head. She was looking down at her feet. We walked out just as Niall came around the corner, and saw us. He stopped, and moved his eyebrows in a funny way.

  “Niall...we’ll be right there…”

  “Dinner is going to be served in five minutes,” he told us.

  “Okay...we’ll be right there. Just save me a seat…”

  He kissed my cheek, and walked away. he sat down on Drew’s left side. They talked about something. Court lifted her head, and touched my arm. I looked at her, and nodded. We walked back to the table. The food was served seconds later.

  “Let’s make a toast!” Drew said.

  He made a toast, and Court stood up.

  “I have something to say…” She said.

  Everyone turned their heads.

  “I’m pregnant.”

  Court’s mum’s hands flew to her mouth. Drew turned pale, and everyone else started clapping. We finished up dinner, and dessert. Niall, and I went to the dancefloor again. I saw Christen sitting at a table all alone. Harry was at the table across from her, all alone. Many single women have tried to get Harry to dance with them. He refused all of them. The same thing happened to Christen.

  “Niall...I have an idea. Harry and Christen aren’t talking to each other. I’ll go, and see if Harry will dance with me, and you get Christen. Got it?”

  He nodded. I walked towards Harry, and took his hand. I dragged him to the dance floor. A slow song was on, Niall and Christen danced right next to me.

  “Harry twirl me,” I told him.

  Niall heard me, and he twirled Christen. We switched, and Christen was lost in Harry’s eyes, like old times. My plan worked. I saw something square in Harry’s pocket.

  “He’s going to propose again!” I thought.

  All of a sudden, Harry was on a knee. The box was popped open, and I saw Christen nod, before Harry even said anything. Niall and I started clapping. Everyone caught on, and joined in.

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