The Second Part Of My Life (Sequel to My Real Life)

Lily's life...has never been normal...this is life after her half-sister Charlie is in the hospital. Lily cope's with many situation's that affects her life.


12. Chapter 10

“Lily! Lily!” A woman's voice yelled in my face.

  “Yes Court?” I responded.

  “Today’s the day!!!”
  I looked at my phone, and saw the time. it said, six am. I got out of my bed, and grabbed my dress. My purse was full of my makeup, and hair items. We walked out, and headed to Eleanor’s house. She lives a few blocks away from the place that Court and Drew are getting married at.

  “Court, sit down at the vanity. Lily, please plug in the hair curler,” Eleanor said.

  I nodded, and took it out of my purse. I plugged it in. Eleanor was doing her make up, while I put her hair up. I clipped Court's top layer, and started clipping her hair to her head. I sectioned off her under layer, and started curling it.

                 An hour later...

  Eleanor and Court were done, and it was on to me. Considering I was the maid of honour, they saved me for almost last. Our other bridesmaid, is Christen. She's running late, even though we told her be at El's by 7:30am.  My make up was finished, when we heard a knock at the door.

  "Court! Stay here!" We told her.

  We opened the door, and Christen was standing there. She rushed in, and he face was all flustered. She set her stuff down, and started sobbing.

  “What’s wrong Christen?” I asked.

  “H-H-H-H-arry…” She said.

  “Harry what?” Eleanor responded.

  “H-H-H-H-arry...H-H-H-arry…*snifs* He proposed…”

  “What did you say?” Court said suddenly joining the conversation.

  “I-I-I-I...can we talk about this later.”


  My hair and makeup was finished, and Christen was getting her’s done. I helped Court into her dress. She wanted to try it on before the wedding. I looked at my phone and saw I had some text messages, and missed calls.  

  Two missed calls from mum

  One text from dad

  Three calls from Des

  I dialed my mum’s number, and got voicemail.

  “Hi mum! It’s Lily! I was just returning your call. Call me back before noon, and or after seven please. Love you! Bye mum!”

  I ended the call, and set down my phone. Eleanor, and Christian were in there dresses. I slipped mine on, and sat down on the bed.

  “Okay...guys...Harry proposed to me in front of a lot of people. I didn’t know what to…”

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