The Second Part Of My Life (Sequel to My Real Life)

Lily's life...has never been normal...this is life after her half-sister Charlie is in the hospital. Lily cope's with many situation's that affects her life.


2. Chapter 1

Three years later...

  I’ve been taking a few courses, on becoming an oncologist. I want to help children, like Charlie. I don’t think it’s fair, for people to have to deal with cancer, and not being able to be healed. I’m still a singer, but I want to be there for Charlie.

  “Niall! I’m leaving for the studio!” I yelled, throughout our flat.

  “Okay babe! I’ll see you tonight!” He responded back.


  I closed the front door, and hopped into my car. I had to meet Court and her new fiance, Drew at the studio, so then we could record our new album, The One I Use To Love. It’s based off our X Factor experience.

  “You’re the one...I use,” I sang as the song ended.

  Court and I high fived each other, as my other closest friend walks in. She was holding a clipboard, and a camera.

  “Can I please take your photos?” Aubrey asked.

  “Why?” Court responded.

  She turned the clipboard around, and in bold letters it read:

                    PHOTO CONTEST!!!

  Whoever takes the best photos of their pet, siblings, friends, and or celebrities will win a week with their favorite[s] band. They will also win 50,000 dollars in cash, and then it will be showcased at One Directions next concert!

  I look up at Aubrey. She smiled a little. I looked over at Court, and she nodded.

“We’ll do it,” I told her.

  She came over and hugged both of us.
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