Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


68. Chapter 68

Hey guys! I am SOOOOO sorry that I haven't posted x( College life is a bitch... I meant to post last night but I forgot I had a quiz due and so I started freaking out! Anyway, I tried to make this chapter long for you guys bc I know how much you like it when I do (: xx Thank you for being so patient! Ily all so much ! xoxo - Adrianna


Ashton had almost fallen asleep on me that afternoon.


Before he got a chance to Michael came to collect him from me. It was time to leave.


I don’t want him to leave.


But I let him go.


He kisses me goodbye and I beg him not to kill Calum, he agrees.


It’s so hard to see him leave. I find that the longer he’s away from me the more worried I get about him.


Not that I think little Mikey, Cal and Luke would ever hurt Ashton.


But still… You never know.


I’m laying on the bed getting bored of the television as Grace stares outside the window.


“Let’s go out, Eve!”


I laugh.


“What? What do you mean?”


“Let’s go oooouuttttt.” She whines.


“Out of the hotel room? Now?”


“Yes!” Grace climbs across her bed and then onto mine.


I give her my “you’re joking” look and Grace whines again.


“C’mon, Evelyn, pleeaassee?”


“Don’t call me that.”


“Ashton calls you that.”


“Ashton’s an exception.”


“Oh, and I’m not?”


“Grace…” I huff.


“Let’s go out, Evelyn.” She says, poking my cheek.


I don’t know how but after ten minutes of arguing she forces an agreement out of me.


And so we roamed the streets of Ireland.




The first thing I smell when we walk out of the hotel room is freshly baked bread.




“Ooo! Look, Evelyn! Food!” Grace rushes to a tall, bearded man holding a plate of sampled food.


“Lovely ladies! How are you this fine evening?” The man asks cheerfully, his Irish accent as thick as Ashton’s Australian one. I smile at him.


“Great!” Grace smiles. I look off along the buildings and watch the sunset, its so beautiful. I wonder if Ashton is looking at the sunset too…


“Right, Eve?”


“Hm?” I snap back into reality.


“I said we’re sight seeing…” Grace apparently repeats. 


“Oh, oh yes… We are.”


“How wonderful!” The tall man says. “Well you ladies be safe now!” 


“We will! Thank you!” 




After about four hours of window shopping, sight seeing and one interesting Irish film, Grace and I decide to head back to the hotel. It’s only about 10:00pm so I check my phone to see if Ashton and the boys were done yet, maybe we could grab a bite or something.


*11 Missed Calls*


*20 Texts*


Woah, wtf? What are all these for? They’re all mostly from Ash, a few from Cal and one from Mikey.


“Grace, check your phone.” I tell Grace


“It’s dead.” She says, sipping her drink from the movies. We’re walking in the direction of our hotel.


“Well shit…” Mine only has 14%. I call Ashton instantly.


“Evelyn! Fuck!” He answers panicked.


“Wha- Ashton? What’s wron-“


“Where are you? Are you safe?” He asks quickly, breathing heavily. It sounds like he’s been running or something. “Is Grace with her?” I hear in the background. it’s Luke.


“Yes. I’m fine, why?”


“Dammit Evelyn, where are you?” He says, I frown.


Well then…


“Um,” I glance up. “We’re passing some bar called ‘Number Nine’s’” I answer irritatedly.


“I’m coming to you, don’t fucking move.”


“Ashton, we’re on our way to the hotel can you just-“


“No. Stay there. Wait for me.”


He hangs up.




What’s gotten his panties in a bunch?


I tell Grace and ask her if we could just sit on the street bench for a moment. She agrees but complains about Ashton’s tone.


“Why would he be so rude? What’s wrong with him?” She asks as she rolls her eyes. “Did you two fight or… ?”


“No, I mean, not that I know of… He seemed fine before. I mean he was irritated with Calum, but, I don’t know what’s wrong…”


“Speak of the devil…” Grace says as she looks behind me.


I turn my head and see Ashton, Luke and Michael walking towards us. Relief rushes over their faces. I stand up and walk towards them.


“Dammit, Evelyn.” Ashton breathes out before rushing his arms around me. He holds the back of my head with his large hand and holds me to his chest. He takes a deep breath.


“Ashton, what’s wrong? Are you alright?” I ask softly. I see Luke and Grace in an embrace. Ash separates from me and grabs me by my shoulders, he studies my features and then brushes his palm against my cheek.


“Why didn’t you tell anyone you were leaving?” He asks.


“I didn’t think it mattered…” I say and look down. I just wanna go to bed now…


“Didn’t think mattered?! Eve, you had me scared to death! No one knew where you were and-” Ashton stops himself and sighs, He rubs his temple with his forefinger.


“We’ll talk back in the hotel.”


And I understand that’s a command.


Well, then, whatever…


I roll my eyes and Ashton takes my hand. We walk about a block until we catch a taxi back to the hotel room.




“You didn’t have to yell at me…” I’m sitting in the bathroom, brushing out my wet, knotted hair with my baggy pajamas thrown over me. Ashton walks around the corner in just sweatpants and a wet torso. He took a shower right before I did.


Luke demanded Grace spend the night with him, so naturally Ashton stayed with me.


“I didn’t yell at you.” Ashton growls, taking another towel off the bathroom hook and throwing it onto his head, he shakes out his curls and dries them.


“Why were you so pissed, though?” I mean really… "It’s not like we did anything wrong…” I turn around to look at him. Ashton stops his movement, his towel still on his head, and watches me for a beat. He lets out a breath and then drops the towel to the floor.


“Eve, this is a foreign town. You don’t know anyone in it. The only protection you brought with you was Grace. You were gone for hours. You didn’t even tell me you were leaving or where you going and on top of all of that you didn’t even bother to answer your fucking phone.” He growls. “Why wouldn’t I be pissed?” And then he walks away.




I follow him back into the bedroom prepared to receive the cold shoulder. Ashton sits on my bed with his back resting against the headboard. And sure enough… He ignores my presence.


“You know I don’t always have to tell you what I’m doing and where I’m going.” I cross my arms and stand in front of the bed. He continues to ignore me.


“Ashton,” I say, he’s looking at the tv. “Ashton, I’m talking to you.”


Don’t fucking ignore me.


“Dammit, Evelyn, I know but I can’t talk to you right now because if I talk to you I’m going to yell at you and I really don’t want to yell so please just drop it.”


“No.” I frown.


“No?” He pauses the tv and sits upward. I don’t know why but I suddenly feel like I shouldn’t have said that.


“Yea…” I say not as confidently. “No.”


Ashton and I stare at each other for a moment and I know he’s waiting for me to back down. I don’t.


“I’m not a fucking child, Ashton. So stop treating me like one.”


“Actually, Evelyn, you are.”




Wait what?


Hold the fuck up.


What did he just say?


Oh hell no.


“Excuse me?” I ask.


Ashton stands up and sighs as he rubs the back of his head. “Shit, fuck, Evelyn, that’s not what I meant.”


“Oh really?!” I take a step back. “Because if you didn’t mean it then you wouldn’t have fucking said it!”


“Eve, I just meant that-“


“No I know what you fucking meant. You meant that because you’re a fucking 20 year old hot shot and I’m just a silly little girl you can tell me what to do and when to do it!”


“Don’t put words into my mouth, Eve!”


“I’m not! That’s what you meant, isn’t it? I mean please, tell me if I’m wrong! You think you can tell me what to do.”


“No, but I think my opinion should matter when it comes to your decisions!”


“Well it doesn’t!”


Ashton frowns. He seems hurt but I’m too fucking pissed to give a damn.


He starts rubbing the bridge of his nose. He’s getting angry.




“I really don’t wanna do this right now. I have to get up early and I- I just…” He runs his fingers through his hair and let’s out an angry sigh. “Fuck it, I’m going to bed.” He walks away from me and now I want him to say something, anything, just so we don’t have to leave it like this.


Ashton climbs back into my bed and I assume he wants me to sleep in Grace’s bed tonight. I shut the light off and get into Grace’s bed. It smells like her. I don’t wanna cry because I know he would hear me.


God dammit.


I close my eyes and fall into a not-so-deep sleep.

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