Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


67. Chapter 67

Hey Guys! Here's a new chapter! Sorry its a little later in the weekend, I had piles of homework :( Anyway! Gonna try and post the chapter 68 next weekend! Love you guys! x


“Evelyn,” My name is being whispered softly in my ear. “Evelyn, sweetie, wake up.” A kiss is planted on my temple as I awaken to shuffling bodies and bright, airplane lights.


“We’re here,” Ashton informs me. I glance out of the window on my left and see Irelands beautiful, bright green fields.


“Wow,” I inhale in. 


“I know.” Ashton says. I turn to him.


God, he looks so good.


How does he look so good? We’ve been on a plane for hours and he looks like he’s just been ripped out of the page of a magazine.


“Good morning,” He says smiling at me.


“Morning.” I smile and kiss him. I then scurry upward and grab my carryon bag. Ashton, the boys and I walk in shuffled packs off the plane. Ashton grabs my hand. His hand is warm.


Suddenly, as soon as we see the airport lobby…


“OH MY GOD HARRY!” Is the first thing being screeched that I hear.


“Holy fucking shit,” Grace laughs from my side. “It’s a pool of girls.”


Grace was right. Mountains and mountains of teenaged girls flooded the airport, screaming names, holding up signs and throwing things towards the boys. I swear I hear someone scream Ashton’s name, in which he smiles and waves, keeping his other hand locked in mine.


Police stand in front of the crowd as they escort us to the front doors and into about 4 black vehicles.


Grace, Luke, Calum, Michael, Ashton and I climb into a vehicle. 


“That was insane!” Mikey laughs. 


“Right?!” Ashton agrees.


“Yea…” Grace says as she sits behind me, I turn around. “I didn’t like how many girls there were though.” She pouts.


Luke smiles at Grace and wraps his arm around her. He whispers something in her ear that makes her blush and I suddenly feel like I’m intruding, so I turn back around, with Calum on my left and Ashton on my right I slowly lean my head to the right. Making sure not to get my lefts and rights confused.




The hotel seems almost identical to the last. Nice, beautiful- but very, very similar. This time the boys don’t even have time to stay for a moment. They have to get to their first radio interview, so they drop their luggage, grace and I off and go.


I’m so proud of them.


Lonely, but proud.


Grace and I with linking arms walk up to our room. We then notice the hundreds of fans surrounded the hotel out the window as we get settled in for the next two nights.


Mr. Jamison says we won’t usually have two full nights in a city like we have been. Normally it’ll only be one night, unless they have multiple shows.


I don’t want to ask but I would love to see one of their shows.


But I feel like somehow I’ll be a bother.


In the way.


Pain in the ass, however you wanna put it.


Maybe I’ll just mention something tonight to Ash, if he gets in early enough.


Or maybe I'll say something to Cal.




Maybe not.


Maybe I should just avoid Calum all together.


But it’s gonna be a long tour, I can’t do that. That’s wrong.


Maybe I can just-


“Ugh! There’s never anything on the fucking tv. Fucking shit.” Grace grunts as she sits on the bed next to mine. I have my laptop open with an email to my dad.





Hey Dad! Yea, I’m okay. No, I haven’t been drinking. Yes, I’m sharing a room with Grace. And yes I’ll take pictures for you guys. How is everyone, by the way? Michelle doing alright? What about Jane? Put on a ring on it yet, dad? Anyway, love you guys! Miss you! Call me when you get off work so I can say hi to everyone x




“Why don’t you read a book then… If you can’t find anything good on television?” I suggest.


“I’d rather watch ‘Turtle Man’ re-runs, thank you very much.” Grace says, and she does just that.




The day goes by rather slowly but by the time 2:00pm rolls around I hear arguing coming from the halls.


My immediate response is that it’s other hotel guests having an obnoxious screaming match, unaware of the people they’re disturbing.


Until I recognize Ashton’s voice.


“It’s not funny Calum! That really bothers me.”


Uh oh…


Grace looks at me confused.


“Is that Ashton?” She asks me. 


“I don’t know,” I say worriedly as we both prance onto our feet and towards the door.


I swing it open and look down the hallway.


The four boys our walking our way as Ashton and Calum argue. Although Calum looks more amused than angry, which is more than I can say for Ash.


Grace walks up to Luke and says hello, wrapping her arms around him and what-not.


“What’s wrong?” I ask when Ashton and Calum reach me.


“Nothing. It’s stupid.” Ashton walks right past me and into mine and Grace’s room.


… Ouch!


Calum walks in after Ashton almost annoyed.


Micael stops in front of me.


“What’s wrong with everyone?” I ask him. Michael sighs and rolls his eyes.


“Ashton’s mad because the interviewer was asking questions about the ladies who showed up with us at the airport this morning,” He says “And then Calum took it upon himself to say that you were with him. Ashton got pissed but didn’t say anything because, well you know Ashton never wants to make a scene and he didn’t wanna ruin the interview for all of us and… Well yea.”


My face hurts from frowning.


“Calum said I was his girlfriend?” I ask, Mikey nods.


“Sometimes my band mates are idiots.” He says


“Yea, no kidding.” I agree. I walk into my room.


Ashton is laying on his back on my bed with his arm thrown over his face.


“C’mon, Ash, I was just messing around.” Calum stands beside him.


“Oh my god, just leave, cal, I don’t fucking care anymore.”


“Oh, really? Then why are you still mad?”


“Guys we only have an hour to spare before we have to meet the boys at the arena for soundcheck, do you really wanna spend your time arguing?” Mikey says from behind me.


“No! I don’t. So leave, Cal.” Ashton grunts and Calum throws his hands up in defeat.


“I didn’t even do anything wrong.” He sighs and Michael and Calum walk out, shutting the door behind them.


I sigh.


“Hi,” I say softly.


Ashton doesn’t move.


I walk towards the bed and climb on it, laying down beside Ashton and looking up at the yellow tinted ceiling.


I hear Ashton take a deep, irritated breath and then he rolls over. Laying his head on stomach and wrapping his long arm around my waist. I brush his curls back with my palm.


“Rough day?” I ask, setting my opinions on this situation aside to comfort him. Ashton nods against my skin.


“Just ignore it, okay baby?” I tell him, using the absolute calmest tone I can manage.


“I can’t though…” He says frustrated. “He just sat there and fucking claimed you.”


“He can’t claim me Ashton,” I say softly. “I belong to you.”


He squeezes me tighter around my waist.


“I just wish he knew that.” He sighs


And to be perfectly honest,


I wish Calum knew that too...

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