Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


66. Chapter 66

Its another quiet night in the hotel room with Grace as I drink my third cup of coffee in attempt to stay up for Ashton tonight.


We’re all catching a 4:00am plane tonight so Grace decided to sleep until then, the boys probably won’t be here until 2:00pm anyway.


I sit in silence as I flick through the 30 channels available, nothing is on. Ugh.


Around 1:30am I get a text from Ashton.


*Hey darling, if you’re awake call me. If not, then sleep tight baby x*


I dial his number.


“Hey,” I can almost hear his smile “Did I wake you?” He asks.


“No, no. I’ve had three cups of coffee, I’m wide awake.” But slowly falling asleep.


Ashton laughs. “Good,” He says. “Well we’re on our way there. We’ll pack up and then head to the airport, you ladies can sleep on the plane.” He says.


“Yea,” I agree. God that sounds nice.


“Alright, see you soon. I love you.” 


“I love you too.”




It’s 4:30am on the plane that hasn’t taken off yet and everyone’s already asleep.


Except for me and Ash.


I rest my head on his shoulder as our fingers stay intertwined. Ashton kisses my head every now and then.


“I love you,” He whispers. “So much, Evelyn.”


I smile in his arms.


“I love you, too, Ash.” 


“I really mean that.” He whispers. “I love you. No matter what, you know that, right?” He asks and I nod.


“I know baby.” I kiss his shoulder.


“And you can tell me anything.” He sounds serious.


“I know, Ash.”


“Really, anything.”


I lift my head and frown.


“What’re you talking about, baby?” I ask and watch him take a deep breath.


“Eve,” He says slowly. “I um… I know.”


"Know what?”


“I know that you’re pregnant.”




“What?!” I exclaim rather loudly and Grace in the seat across from us stirs in her sleep.


“What the hell are you talking about, Ashton?” I ask with a whisper.


“Well, I saw the pregnancy test in the trash and I just-“


“No, no. No. Fuck, no.” I whisper.


*Flight 240 is ready for take off.*


The flight attendant informs.


I sigh.


“Ashton, Grace just thought she was pregnant. She isn’t, by the way, but no. It’s not me. God no.” I breathe deeply.


“You’re not pregnant?” He asks steadily, locking eyes with me.


“No, Ash. I’m not.” I say softly. Ashton takes a deep breath.


“Oh thank god.” He says. “Oh thank fucking god. Jesus.” He wraps his arms around me and buries his head into my neck and kisses me there.


“I’m not ready yet.” He says and I nod.


“Me neither. It’s okay, we’re good.” I can’t help the chuckle escape my lips. Ashton holds me close and I can feel his breath on my neck.


10 Minutes later we both fall asleep in each others arms.


I dream of bright, hazel eyes and baby hands.

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