Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


65. Chapter 65

Sorry guys for the short chapters x It's only because I want to update as soon as possible so once I get a little bit of writing done I want to update for you guys (:

Don't worry I'll try and make the next ones longer xx

Love yall xx

Oh! And happy new year (:




Grace and I sit in the bathroom, holding our breath, as we wait for the pregnancy test to show up.


God I hope we get results before the boys wake up.


Grace doesn’t wanna freak anyone out before we know anything.


C’mon, c’mon…


“Is it almost done?” I ask Grace, she looks at it and shakes it out of frustration.


“It’s not a polaroid picture, Grace, chill.” I laugh. She rolls her eyes and sets it back on the counter. She sits down next to me on the edge of the tub and sighs.


“Hey,” I pat her on the back. “Everything’s gonna be okay. Okay?” Grace rests her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. She doesn’t cry but it looks like she’s going to. I kiss her head.


A few minutes later Grace grabs the pregnancy test and stares at it.


“What?” I ask standing up. “What is it? What does it say?”


“It’s- It’s um…” She stutters and I take the test out of her hand and look at it.




Thank god.


“Grace, that’s wonderful!” I grab her waist and hug her. She hugs me back.


“Yea…” She says softly. I take a step back and grab Grace by her shoulders.


“Hey… What’s wrong?”


“I just-“ She starts tearing up so I wrap my arms around her again.


“It’s okay, Grace. You’ll have another chance, you know, when the time is right.” I brush her hair back.


“But- but-“ She says softly and sobs onto my shoulder. “Little Volcano.” She sniffles and I can’t help but laugh. She laughs as well and we separate and she wipes underneath her eyes.


“It’s okay.” I tell her and hand her a tissue. Grace nods and wipes her cheeks up.


“Yea.” She sighs.


*Knock, knock, knock*


We hear our hotel door. I step out of the bathroom and yell;


“One minute!”


At the door. Grace stays in the bathroom and cleans herself up as I walk to the door, opening it but not all the way.


It’s Luke.


“Hey,” He says, holding two plates of food. “Is Grace in there?” He asks, I look behind me as Grace walks out looking gorgeous as ever. You’d think she was all ready to go out.


I wish I looked that good after I cried.


“Yea, she’s right here.” 


Luke smiles brightly and waltzes in.


I wonder if Grace is going to tell him what she thought was going to happen.


Or if she’s just going to let it be her own little secret.



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