Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


64. Chapter 64

*Ashton Fanfic 64*




I don’t think I can stay awake a moment longer.


It’s already 2:00am.


I’m so jet lag but I really wanna stay up for Ashton.




I lay in my pajamas on my bed as I try and tune out Grace’s snoring. She passed out at about 11:00pm.


I check my phone for any texts.




I close my eyes with a deep breath and hope to fall asleep.


3 episodes of ‘Queen moms of L.A.’ later I finally fall into an uncomfortable, worried sleep.




Later that night, I’m awaken softly by a pair of chilled lips on my forehead. I frown and open my eyes.


“Hey… Sh…” I see Ashton hovering over me. “Go back to sleep, baby. I just came to kiss you goodnight.”


I nod and close my eyes again. Ashton stays a moment longer and brushes my hair back, then I fall asleep.




The next morning I wake up alone in the hotel room. I must’ve slept in or something because Grace isn’t here and the walls are quiet. Everyone must be downstairs eating already. I check my phone for the time. It’s 9:00am. Hm...


I roll out of bed and start collecting mine and Grace’s scattered clothes all over the room. Tonight is the boys last show here and then we’re off to the next city. I wanna make it easier for us to pack tonight. Grace is terrible at packing.


Once I’m done tidying up I throw on my boots and put my hair up. I open the door to the hallway and walk out to complete silence. Just then, Grace comes around the hallway corner with two plates of food.


“Hey,” She greets me. She’s alone. “I didn’t wanna wake you. I snagged some food from the buffet for you.”


“Aw, really?” I ask. “Well thanks.” I say and take a plate from her. “Are the boys down there?”


“The boys? Oh no. They’re still sleeping. They didn’t come in until like 3:00 or something.”


“Oh,” I say as we walk into our bedroom.


“Did you clean?” She asks as she sits herself down on her unmade bed, I shut the door behind me.


“Eh, a little bit. Just picked up some clothes so it’ll be easier to pack tonight.”


“Ah, smart girl.” She winks and toasts her coffee cup up at me. I roll onto the bed and sit indian style on the mattress. I wonder when was the last time they cleaned these sheets...


“Okay, so…” Grace says, starting a new subject. “I’ve decided to just accept the whole ‘prego’ thing.”


“Grace, you can’t accept something you don’t know is accurate.” I say and take a bite of my eggs.


“But I do know it’s accurate.” She says with a mouth full.


“Wait- How? Did you take a pregnancy test?!”


“No, no. Not yet.” She says. “It’s just a gut feeling.”


Ugh, she’s so dramatic…


“Anyway, I’m working on names now, okay? Tell me what you think.” She takes a deep breath. "If it’s a boy… Volcano. And if it’s a girl…Venus.” 


Grace says and I burst out laughing.


“I refuse to call your child ‘Volcano’”


“What?!” She exclaims. “We’ll call him Volly for short.”


“You’re an idiot.” I laugh taking another bite.


“Ugh.” Grace sets her plate down beside her and throws herself back, landing her back on the squeaky mattress as she sighs. “I thought you were gonna be supportive with me on this.”


I finish chewing and sigh, realizing she’s actually worked up over this.


“Well first of all; you don’t even know if you’re pregnant or not. Second of all; even if you are pregnant, there are millions of options besides the obvious. And third of all; I am supporting you. I'm strongly supporting you to not name your child those names.” I say with sarcastic tone and a slight laugh.


She rolls her head and locks eyes with me.


“I need to take a pregnancy test, don’t I?” Grace asks.


“Yes.” I nod. “You do."

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