Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


63. Chapter 63

It’s only noon and the boys have already left for soundcheck at the arena. They won’t be back until late tonight but I plan on waiting up for them anyway, waiting up for Ashton. 


Meanwhile Grace and I sit in our hotel room laying on the bed with our legs kicking in the air. We’re still in our sweats.


“I’m hungry,” I whine.


“I’m pregnant.” Grace sighs.


“Shut up, no you’re not.”


“Yes I am.” She grunts. “And I’m gonna live a horrible, miserable life as a lonely widow with a crying baby.”


“I don’t think you know what a widow is.”


“And I’m gonna have to stay home with poop and spit up and I won’t have sex for ten years because all I’ll be thinking about is poop and spit up and then I’ll have to clean up that poop and spit up and then I’ll smell like poop and spit up and life will be hell."


I sigh at her dramatics but decide to contribute instead of argue.


“Fine. Yes. You’re pregnant. And you’re gonna go through nine months of hell and you’re gonna squeeze a giant mini Luke out of your V and then you’re gonna have to skip college because mini Luke needs to be fed and you’ll hate Luke forever for even touching you. Is that what you wanna hear?”


Grace starts laughing and so do I, she tells me to shut up and then kicks me lightly with her long tan leg.


“I just…” She chuckles out of her laugh. “I just don’t want it to change anything with Luke…” She sighs, sounding more serious now. “You know? I’m not ready.”


“I know Grace. It’s okay, everything will be okay.” I say softly. “Look… Worst case scenario; I’ll help you take care of mini Luke. You and I can buy a house together and raise him together and he can have two moms and we can confuse the hell out of his friends because we’re not lesbians but just best friends raising a kid together.”


Grace giggles.


“Really?” She asks and looks at me. “You’d do that for me?"


I smile at her. “Of course, Grace.” I say. “You’re my best friend.”


Grace smiles at me and looks back up at the ceiling.


“Well If you get knocked up I’d do the same for you, okay?”


I laugh. “Okay Grace, but I don’t think that’s happening any time soon so…”




It’s 2:00pm and Grace and I are watching crap tv.


“I can’t believe Shakisha is kissing Deshawn when Deshawn just confessed his love for Queen!” Grace exclaims.


“Deshawn is a totally player though. Remember, TJ saw him kissing that white chick at Keisha’s birthday party.”


“Yea but TJ will say anything to get attention.”


Suddenly I hear my phone ping.


*1 Text Message*


From: Ashton


Having a blast with the boys but damn I miss you x


I smile and text back immediately.


To: Ashton


I miss you too baby x Keep working hard! I’ll see you tonight x


I put my phone down and Grace looks at me. She smirks.


“What?” I ask embarrassed.


“Nothing,” She says and laughs. “I just can’t believe he can still make you blush like that. And he’s not even here.”


“I know.” I say and press my palm against my cheek, hoping to make the color fade.


My phone buzzes again.


*1 Text Message*


From: Ashton


Yea, I’ll see you tonight x Hopefully naked (;


I giggle at my phone and Grace laughs and rolls her eyes.


I text back.


To: Ashton


Depends… Maybe if you’re lucky <3


A few minutes later my phone rings. It’s Ashton. I answer.


“Hello?” I ask. I can hear giggling and shouting in the background


“Hey! Eve! It’s Micahel,” I hear on the other line. “Dammit Mikey! Give me the phone!” Ashton.


“Um…” I say softly, confused.


“Please stop sexting Ashton, Evelyn! You’re distracting the poor guy.”


I can feel my cheeks heat and my eyes widen.


“Oh, I um…”


“Okay, bye Eve!!”


And the phone hangs up.


“What the hell was that?” Grace asks amused.


“I have no idea."

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