Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


62. Chapter 62

The morning light hits me softly as I stir in Ashton’s arms. I hear the television on and the channels being flicked through. Ashton’s up. I kiss his chest softly and groan sleepily, I feel his gaze on me and he laughs.


“Good morning.” He says deeply, I stretch out my arms and smile.


“Hmm.. Morning.” I hum and open my eyes to look up at Ashton. He looks flawless, just completely flawless. Too good to be true, like a model ripped out from a page in a magazine. Sexy. Beautiful. Toned. Flawless.


“You look…” I whisper softly and try to catch my words that he hangs onto. “Perfect.” I say, his smile widens greatly and he places his hand on my cheek and kisses me passionately.


“How is it that you manage to keep surprising me everyday?” He asks deeply.


“I love you.” I smile and he depends the kiss, rolling me onto my back as he continues to kiss me.


“I love you to-“


Suddenly, we hear the door swing open and voices crowd our once quiet wonderland. Ashton quickly and surprisingly jumps off of me. He looks embarrassed when Grace, Luke, Calum and Michael come barging in.


“Woah!” Michael exclaims.


“Oh jeez.” Luke walks back out.


“Seriously, are you guys ever not fucking?” Grace laughs. I glare at her and she sticks her tongue out at me. They’re all in their pajamas, they must’ve just woken up, too. Calum avoids eye contact with nearly everyone as he stares at the floor.


“He loves you.” Ashton said last night.




No he doesn’t.


He couldn’t.




“What do you guys want?” Ashton asks, sitting up in the bed as I lye back, the covers up to my chin and my knees pulled up.


“We were all gonna go down to get breakfast, unless you guys are busy.” Luke winks and Ashton rolls his eyes. It’s funny to see Ashton annoyed. He’s never annoyed.


“We’ll be down in a minute.” He says, they all make jokes and sexual noises and finally leave the room. Ashton sighs and lyes back with me.


“Gotta love ‘em.” I joke, he looks at me and smiles and then kisses me.


“To be continued.” He says and I giggle.




Dressed, clean and unsatisfied, me and Ashton walk downstairs to the breakfast buffet. I spot Grace in her sweatpants and tank top immediately. I pull out one of the empty seats at the table and sit down at it. Ashton sits down diagonal from me.


“Hey, there, tiger.” She greets just me as the table conversation continues to ramble on.


“Me tiger? You tiger.” I laugh. “I could hear you through the fucking walls last night, Grace.” I say and her face turns red.






That’s a first.


“Really?” She asks, I nod.


“Yea, oh and your boyfriend woke me up to get a condom so…” I laugh and Grace looks down at her food and bites her lip, and the jokes not funny anymore.


“What’s wrong?"


“Eve, I need to talk to you.” She says, I frown and nod.


“Okay,” I say steadily. “Come with me to get food.” I say, standing up in my seat and looking over at Ash. I point with my head to the buffet and he winks in approval. Me and Grace scatter off.


“So, what it is?” I ask, grabbing a plate and throwing some eggs onto it.


“Eve, I’m four days late.” She says.


“What?!” I exclaim, turning my head and knocking myself into the buffet table, spilling all of the eggs on my plate onto the coffee machine.


“Fuck.” I whisper and notice a couple of eyes on me due to the loud noise I made running into the table, including Ashton’s. I nod at him and smile in reassurance that I’m okay.


“You’re late?” I ask quietly as me and Grace pick up the food. “What the- I mean, how the-“


“I don’t know. I mean, we’ve been really safe… For the most part.”


“What do you mean, ‘for the most part?’” I continue to walk down the buffet line, more careful now.


“Well I mean if it’s late or, we’re somewhere public and none of us have one…” She says. Wow. I don’t think me and Ashton have ever not used a condom.


“We gotta be safe, Evelyn.” He always told me, whenever I asked if we’d really need it. I thank the lord he doesn’t let me do stupid shit.


“Have you talked to Luke about it?”


“No. When I tried to talk about it last night, we kinda got… Carried away.” She smiles and I roll my eyes.


“So instead of telling a guy that you might be pregnant, you had sex with him.” I sigh and she giggles.


“Grace! This isn’t funny! What are you going to do if you really are pregnant.” I grab apple juice and we start to make our way back to the table.


“I don’t know. I mean, I love Luke. And I’ve already thought about him being a possible dad for my future children, and he did tell me once he wanted kids. So it may not be such a horrible thing.” She says and I admire her lack of knowledge on the subject and take my seat. Ashton looks up at me and mouths:


“You okay?” And I nod and flash him a smile, in which he takes and continues his conversation.

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