Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


61. Chapter 61

With Grace spending the first night with Luke, I sit in my room, all alone. It's quiet. I turn on the television and flick through the channels, nothings on.


*Knock knock*


Someone's at the door. I roll out of bed with Ashton’s t-shirt falling over my shoulders and my sweatpants scrunched at the bottom. I crack open the door. It's Ash.


"I can't sleep." He wines, his hair is a mess and he’s wearing a plain white t-shirt with gray sweats. His shirt is slightly see-through. Mm.


"Me neither." I copy, slightly opening the door.


"Come in my room." He asks.


"Ashton, I can't."


"Please, Evelyn."


Ugh, damn he's tempting.


I scan my room and look back at Ashton.


“Well…” I start. "Grace is staying with Luke tonight." I inform him, his face lights up.


“Yea?" He asks. "So, you're all alone?"


I nod, Ashton pokes out his bottom lip.


"My baby's all alone in a big, empty hotel room." He walks up to me, nearly all of the way inside the room. I nod my head and pout.


"Is my baby lonely?" He asks as he wraps his arms around me tightly. I nod and blush.


"Does my baby want some company?” He asks and leans down to my neck and kisses lightly, softly. Ashton hums against my skin. I take my hand and push the door close, amusing Ashton as he smiles against my neck.


God, I really shouldn’t be doing this...


Ashton lifts his head and kisses my lips oh so softly and sweetly.


“You smell good." He then whispers by my ear.


“C’mere." Ashton says, taking my hand and walking me to the side of my bed.


“Ashton…” I say softly, warningly.


“What?” He asks innocently as he turns to face me, almost like he’s not at fault.


“We really shouldn’t be-“ Ashton is looking at me with those sparkling eyes of his as he takes a step closer to me.


“Shouldn’t be what?” He asks, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.


“We shouldn’t be… We shouldn’t-“ He places his hand on my cheek and leans in. He shushes me.


And then we’re kissing.


I stretch up on my tippy toes and take Ashton’s face in my hands. He smells so good.


I feel his hands stretch around my waist and hold me close, I hesitate at first but eventually start pulling at the hem shirt eagerly, wanting to take it off. He smiles against my lips.


Ashton and I continue to kiss and eventually, somehow, end up on the bed, over the covers.


He hovers over me on the bed, shirtless, and kisses along my neck, tracing a line from the bottom of my ear to the tip of my shoulder. Then, suddenly...




The door bangs.


"Ignore it." He says huskily and I do.


"Hey Eve! It's Cal!" The door calls.


"Great," Ashton curses. “What does he want?"


"I don't know, I'll go see." I say, Ashton looks down at me for a moment but lets me go, I stand to my feet and fix myself a bit. I walk to the door and take a deep breath before opening it.


"Hey Cal," I pant, I try and steady my breathing but it's hard when you've just had someone like Ashton all over you.


"I um- Oh sorry, I didn't know you were busy…" Calum says awkwardly, he's got the 80's movie Flashdance in his hand.


"It's just Grace is bunking with Luke so I thought, if you had an extra bed I could…" Calum looks down embarrassed. He then looks back up at me with big brown eyes and studies me for a moment. I let him because I feel guilty somehow.


"Is Ashton in there?" He asks in a lower, more serious tone that I have yet to hear from Calum. I nod slowly.


"I'll just go," He says and walks away.


"No, Calum." I call but he's already halfway down the hall and I can't go after him. It’ll just upset him more. I shut the door out of anger and curse. Just then, Ashton peers around the corner with no shirt and messy hair.


"What happened?" He asks, even though I have no doubt in my mind he was eavesdropping.


"Why does he hate me so much?" I ask honestly, waving my hands slightly. Ashton walks up to me and raps his arms around me.


"He doesn't hate you, Baby." He whispers and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. "He loves you."


"What?" I gasp. "No he doesn't." I say in disbelief


Ashton nervously laughs. "He does, Evelyn. As much as I hate it… H-He really does."


"But he's such an amazing friend, I don't wanna loose that." I wrap my arms around his neck and Ashton sighs.


"I know, sweetie." He says. "I know."


I know he doesn't want to hear it and I know he doesn't have any more advice for me, so I try and perk up for him. I kiss his lips softly and passionately, trying to regain the spark, but when I separate I can't help the yawn escape my lips.


"You're tired," Ashton says.


"Me? No, no I'm not. I'm fine."


"Evelyn," He sighs, his shirt is still open so I can feel his warm skin against mine. "You're tired, it's fine. We can do it another time."






I don't drop it easily but I do eventually.


"Fine." I roll my eyes, which makes Ashton smile.


"C'mon," He says and we both shuffle towards the bed. Ashton flicks on the TV and scans through to see if anything good is on, he then climbs into bed with me and doesn't bother to take off his jeans, he falls asleep quickly and it's moments later when I drift off into a not-so-deep sleep hugging his torso.




Later that night, I reawaken due to a thud on the wall.


Damn this is a nice hotel but these walls are fucking thin…


I hear another thud, it's coming from Luke's room. Oh god. What's going on? I hope they're not fighting.


5 minutes and 4 more thuds later there's a knock on our door, I want to wake Ashton because to be honest I'm kind of frightened, but he looks so peaceful and I don't have the heart.


I roll out of bed and walk to the door, I crack open the door. It's Luke. He's got no shirt on and a towel wrapped around his waist, he's breathing heavily and his hair is a mess. He's scanning the hallway to make sure no one sees him as his bare feet brush the hotel carpet.


"Hello?" I ask sleepily, quietly.


"Oh, um, Is Ashton in there?" He asks.


"He's sleeping."


"Um. Oh, okay, uh…" Luke searches for his words. "Do you- or Ashton have a-…” His face turns a rich red. "Um, a condom?" He asks, my mouth slightly falls open out of surprise.


"It's for you and Grace, right?" I ask; clarifying.


"Wha-? Of course it is." He seems thrown off by my question but I don't mind.


"Yea, I think Ashton has one, hang on." I say and then return into the room, leaving the hotel door cracked.


I walk around the bed to see sleeping Ashton so beautifully relaxed, I search for his backpack by the beside and mess with the pockets. Nothing. I then decide to check his jeans. I slowly remove the covers from him and slide my hand into his front pocket, only to find his car keys and phone. Why would he sleep with so much shit in his pants? I check his other pocket, reaching around his waist to find his wallet. I open it slightly and dig in, surprisingly, I find a good amount of condoms just lying there.


I mean I guess me and Ash do stuff a lot but- damn.


I take one and place his wallet back into his jeans, only to have him stir and wake up on me.


"Evelyn?" He slurs my name sleepily.


"Go back to sleep, baby." I whisper and kiss his nose.


"What're you doing?" He asks.


"Luke needed something, I got it for him, go back to sleep." I say and walk back towards the front door. Luke stands impatiently in the hallway. I hand him the condom.


"Look, just be careful and tell Grace-"


"Yea, great, thanks Eve." He grabs it and rushes back towards his room.


Well, okay then… Nice talking to you too.


I shut the door and hope to god I won't hear them through the wall again, I snuggle up with Ashton in bed who's still somewhat awake.


"What did Luke want?" He's still half asleep, his eyes are closed.


"A condom.” I whisper and listen to his heart beat.


"Really?" He asks, I nod.


"Oh," Ash says. "Did you find one?"


I nod. "I found some in your wallet." I say quietly.


"It scares me that you're not afraid to go through my stuff when I'm sleeping.” I can feel the vibrations of his chuckle on my cheek and I laugh, snuggling my face into his chest and closing my eyes again.


“Get some sleep baby,” He kisses my forehead and I drift back to dreams of strong arms and beautiful, hazel eyes.

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