Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


60. Chapter 60

Sorry it's short guys! Gonna try and update a little bit more now x

Keep checking for more chapters!

(Also I think I might be getting sick so I'll have more time to write xx)

Hope y'all like it! - Adrianna x


The restaurant, La salle de Mauricio, is fancier than how I'm dressed.

As always, I feel under dressed.

But standing next to me is my finely dressed boyfriend, who makes us both look good.

We find a table that can seat 12 and Ashton pulls out my chair.

"Thank you," I murmur quietly, and I don't think Ashton heard me.

"You're welcome, baby." He kisses my cheek from behind me and I smile. Ashton sits beside me.

I listen intently as a few of the guys have a debate on whats better; quality or quantity.

"I'm just saying I'd rather have a huge half decent stake than a tiny really good stake."

"But even though it's small, it's really really good!"

"You're making no sense, guys. Stake is stake and there's really no difference at all."

"No difference?"

"You're an idiot."

They ramble. Ashton places his hand on my thigh and rubs my skin back and forth. He's very happy today, I don't think that smile has ever left his face. I hope it never does.

A very tall, very tan, very blonde man walks to our table and whips out a notepad.

“May I take your order, this evening, folks?” He pulls out his pen in preparation, his accent as smooth as white wine.

Everyone orders some fancy, french shit as me and Grace frown at the menu. She looks up at me and laughs.

“And for you?” The waiter looks at me and I look over at Ashton.

“She’ll have what I ordered.” He says and the man nods and jots something down on his pad.

“Thank you,” I mouth to Ashton, he winks at me and my insides melt.


After dinner everyone waits outside while Mr. Jamison calls us a ride. Grace, who’s beyond excited about something, rushes to the side of me that ashton isn’t connected to and links to my arm.

“So…” She starts. “What are the sleeping arrangements for tonight?” She says softly, as if she’s trying to whisper. Although Ashton’s got a good ear and Grace can’t whisper for the life of her.

“Well I was assuming you and I were sleeping together…” I say, more quietly than her.

“Yeaaa….. Well, about that…” I look at her blush and over at luke, who’s waiting eagerly for a response.

“Grace, you can’t sleep with luke.” I say steadily, knowing I probably would jump at the opportunity to spend a night with Ash.

“Not sleep together like sex, but he hasn’t seen the notebook! And I wanted to rent it or something. Please?"

I sigh and know I won’t be able to fight her on this. 


“Okay, fine.” I say softly. “Yay!” She squeezes me and rushes away. It takes a soft brush of the lips to my hand for me to realize Ashton is still beside me. He kisses the back of my hand and wraps his arm around my waist. God dammit, this boy is driving me crazy.

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