Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


6. Chapter 6

Ashton's POV:

"And here's a size 6," I say annoyed. This woman has asked me to bring her three different colors, three different sizes, and three different heights of the same pair of  stilettos. Her bright blonde hair is blinding and her bust is too big, they look fake. She's like 40 so I assume they're fake.

"Hmm… I wish you were for sale hun," She says, rubbing her hand against my chest. For the third time in the past hour. I just smile and nod.

"Ashton!" I praise the lord as I hear my name being called from behind the counter.


"Phone call." Mr. Doug sounds pissed. I walk over to him as he holds the phone to his chest.

"Next time, have your personal calls transferred to your cellphone, Irwin." He snaps, I take the phone and tangle my fingers within the cord.


"Hello?" The voice mirrors me.

"Who's this?"

"Your future wife," It's a girl, she giggles.

"Grace! Give me the phone!" I hear yelling going on in the background, I smile. It's Eve.

"No!" Grace yells back, I hear some muffling noises and some more screaming but eventually hear a sane voice come on the line.

"H-Hello…" Eve says softly.

"Eve? Hey!"

"Hey, I um… I'm sorry, Grace wanted to call you or something and-"

"No, I'm sorry. I'm actually glad you called because-"

"You are?"

The busty cougar shoots me and evil glare so I move to the back room, the damn cord connecting me to the front desk.

"Of course I am," I say softly, quietly.


Eve's POV:

He is? I thought he would've hated me by now, ya know. Fled the country, moved to mexico, that kind of stuff.

"You mean, you don't hate me?" I ask before I can stop myself.

"I couldn't hate you, Eve." The way he says my name, I can pictures his lips now, spilling out every syllable, every letter just morphing together in the beautiful way he does so.

"Oh," Is all I manage to say.

"Do you hate me?" He asks, sounding more venerable.

I couldn't hate him even if he threaten to murder me and my whole family.

"Hell yea," I try and lighten the mood. I hear his laugh on the phone and I wish I was there in person, I want to hear it in person.

"You're insane," I feel him smile through the phone, I laugh.

After a minute of joking and laughing, Ashton's tone becomes serious.

"Hey Eve,"


"Can I ask you something…"

"Sure, anything."

"If- If I… If I um, ask you out, ya know, again. Will Britt be upset? Because she kind of threaten to murder me if I got anywhere near you…"

"Um…" Britt said she was okay with it, but I have to work around Michelle… "No, she won't murder you. I talked with her a few nights ago, when she got all upset, and she said it'd be okay. She said she'd let me see you," My voice cracks on the last part, I'm not used to this lovey dovey stuff. I've never really had anyone to be 'lovey dovey' with…

"Really?" He sounds more excited than he meant to be.

I laugh. "Yes, really."

"Can I pick you up around, eight? Tonight?" He asks, I think for a minute on what I have planned. Oh yea. I'm a bum with no plans, that's right.

"Yea, sure." I smile, I hear him smile too.

"Great, I'll see you tonight. Bye Eve." He says.

"Bye Ashton."


"WEAR THIS ONE! WEAR THIS ONE!" Grace was spending the weekend at my house so she will be here when Ashton picks me up, I'm terrified and glad at the same time. As stressful as Grace is, she's also a great buffer, ya know, from all the awkward silences.

"No." I state as she holds out a too tight, red hot, slutty dress.

"Hell no." I repeat.

"Fine, wear your 'I'm too cool for you' attire. But don't get mad at me when he starts laughing at your ugly ass." Grace says as she laughs, my mouth drops open.

"I'm just kidding! I love you baby! Don't be mad boo!" She walks over and wraps her arms around me.

"Whatever," I half laugh.

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