Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


59. Chapter 59

The room is exquisite. The doorway opens to a gigantic living room, with a huge leather couch that curves and faces the flat screen TV in the corner. The living room connects to the breathtaking kitchen which is parallel to the bedroom on the other side of the suite. Me and Grace walk through the living room and into the bedroom. The bedroom has two queen sized beds it's got an amazing bathroom that holds a humungous bath tub. Grace squeals.


"Holy shit!!!" She screams and runs and jumps onto the bed, she starts bouncing and yelling and I just sit back and laugh.


"Evelyn, look at this place!" She yells. "It's all ours!"


"Yea, for like two nights." I explain, her face falls and I feel bad.


"But then we get on a plane and onto another hotel just like this." I work up a smile and she laughs.


"This is gonna be epic."


"Epic? Grace we haven't said 'epic' since we were like twelve." I laugh.


"Whatever! It's an appropriate moment for the word 'epic'. THIS IS EPIC!"


After I watch Grace bounce around for about a half an hour, we decide to get out our clothes for tomorrow and whatnot.


There's a knock on the door and Grace rushes to it, I stay in the bedroom, exploring and laying out clothes.


"Eve! It's your man!" My face flushes red and I laugh. I walk out of the bedroom and turn a corner, it's Ashton, standing by the door looking amazing as always


"Hi," I grin.


"Hi." He copies.


"Hay!" Grace yells, I laugh and push her lightly, causing a cute chuckle to escape her lips.


"Luke is looking for you, Grace." Ash says, she jumps with glee and runs out of the room.


"This," I wave my hands around the room. "It's too much. Really." I say, Ashton walks up to me and wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me to him.


"Evelyn, you're with a big shot now," He grins. "You're gonna have to get used to the expensive life." He says and I laugh.


"Well, "big shot", what does your room look like?"


"Eh, same. Maybe bigger."


"Bigger? Bigger than this?"


"Yea, this is a smaller suite."


"This is small?" Ashton laughs as my voice gets higher.


"Yes, babe." Ash kisses my lips softly and I smile.


"Mr. Jamison is taking us out for dinner soon."




"Yea, it's later here in London."


"Ah," I nod. "Is everyone going?"


"Yes, so go get dress." He kisses my cheek. "Something cute." and then he's gone.


Something cute? Well okay then…





Grace and I get ready within ten minutes when Luke and Ashton knock on the door.


"Girls?" Luke calls, Grace squeals beside me as we struggle to share the mirror, then mentally calms herself.


"Ready?" Luke peeks through the bathroom door, Grace flips around, hitting me in the face with her perfectly curled hair, and kisses Luke.


"Yup." She smiles, I roll my eyes with amusement and try to apply some light eye liner in the mirror as they sander off.


"Shit," I curse when my hand slips, I hear a soft chuckle come from behind me, It's Ashton. I see him leaning against the door frame through the mirror as I wipe off the black streak from under my eye. I smile.


"You look good," Ashton grins, I flush under his gaze and dart my eyes towards the sink, then turn around. He's standing right behind me as he wraps his arms around me and kisses me on the lips.




"Yes," I say. "You smell good." I admit, brushing the hair off his forehead. He smiles.


"Really?" He asks.


"Yes, now c'mon…" I tease. "They're probably waiting."



For the second time today we all catch a couple cabs and make our way to the restaurant. I finally get to be alone with Ashton for a few moments as we stare out the window and talk about the tour. London looks absolutely stunning in the nightlight.


We arrive too quickly as Ash opens the door for me, I crumble out spastically and nearly trip on my dress, it's Grace's so it's a little bit too much for me. But it'll have to do for now.


"Holy shit," Ashton whispers beside me. "Eve look at this place." We both sit in awe.


Oh my god… Will I ever get used to this kind of stuff?

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