Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


58. Chapter 58

Eve's POV:

My eyelids flutter as my orbs adjust to the sunlight, I hear some mumbling when the flight attendant says;


"Landing for London in Five Minutes, thank you for flying Arena Lay air lines."


I frown and lift my head off of sleeping Ashton's shoulder. I look around me, everyone is sleeping. All of the boys, except Cal. He's got his earbuds in as he looks out of the window, with Luke resting sloppily on his shoulder, Calum turns his head to find me looking back at him.


"Hey," He says quietly.


"Hi." I whisper back.


"Are you excited?" He asks.


"Nervous." I clarify.




"I don't know, anything, everything…" I nearly whisper. "I'm nervous for him," I say, looking at sleeping Ashton as I brush the locks off of his forehead.


"Don't be, Ash will be alright." Calum reassures me.


"I know," I say. "But he has such high hopes for this, I just don't want it to be anything less than what he thinks it is. You know?"


"Yea," Cal adds. "But I doubt he could overestimate this tour, if anything, he's underestimating it."


"You think?"


"Yea, I do."


I sigh and brush my knuckles against Ashton's cheek.


"I just want him to get everything he's ever dreamt of." I say in a whisper, more to myself.


Calum stays quiet.


Rather than five minutes later, the plane lands ten minutes later, and everyone shifts and stirs awake, grumbling and moaning but then looking out of the window.


"Evelyn," Grace turns to me. "We're in fucking London."




We all had to grab separate cabs and Mr. Jamison took a cab with Ashton and Michael, so Ash told Liam to ride with me. Which is kind of awkward because I hardly know the guy, but Ashton says he's nice and I have no reason to doubt him.


"Hilton Garden Inn, on 34th." Liam tells the cab driver as we clamber inside, he held the door open for me as I got in, which was really sweet.


"Are you nervous?" I ask Liam quietly. 


"Excited," He clarifies. I smile.




"Yea, I mean it's great going on tour with the boys, but, Michael and them are a riot so, I'm really excited." He says smiling with squinted eyes. He really does have a precious smile.


"You're not sad about missing home?" I ask. My head cocks to the side as we cruise down the highway.


"Well of course, but, that's my job, and I'm thankful everyday for it."


He really is nice, always looking on the brighter side.


"Do you have a girlfriend or a fiancé at home?" I ask softly, not wanting to seem too nosey but curious anyways.


"Ah," He pulls out his phone from his pocket and shows me his lock screen, a picture of him and a beautiful girl kissing appears. She has beautiful, dark locks and a cute button nose.


"Her name's Julia. But I call her J."


"J," I repeat. "She's pretty."


"Very." He smiles at his phone for a moment and then shoves it back into his pocket.


"What about you?" His question startles me.




"Yea? What's your story?"


I think for a moment…


My story? Um… I've hardly lived a tale to tell, how could I possibly have a "story" yet? To be perfectly honest I never had a story until Ashton, he's my story. He's my everything.


"You don't give much away do you…" He half laughs when I don't answer, I smile with him.


"There's not much to give away." My shoulders bounce.


"Oh?" He questions. "That's not what Ashton tells us,"




"He says you're the best thing that's ever happen to him."


My face is so red.


"He didn't say that." I flush and stare at my hands.


"Well sure he did! You've got the poor guy head over heels for you, Evelyn." He says, and I roll my eyes when he calls me by my full name.


Dammit, Ashton.


My bright, red, tomato face is burning so I stare at my lap and twiddle with my thumbs for a while until;


"Ever been anywhere out of your home town?" Liam asks, startling me. I laugh.


"Oh god no." I answer, calming myself.


"Then c'mere…." I look up and he's pointing out his window, I unbuckle my seat belt and scoot over into the middle, looking over his shoulder at the magnificent view.


"That's my buddy Ben," He smiles. "Big Ben, if you will." I laugh at his corny joke.


I shift back in my seat and cross the buckle back over my chest, I stare out of my window.


"We'll be there shortly, Mr. Payne." The driver says quietly.


"Thank you," Liam smiles, eyes squinted and purley whites showing.




"Holy shit," I whisper when we reach the hotel, it's huge and there are fans outside our cab. Oh god. The cab driver swerves around and through some gates, to the back of the hotel where security has banned from the fans outside. All of the cars are parked and Grace is the first to get out.


"Oh my god!!" She screams, I climb out and stare up as I take a couple steps forward.


The hotel is like a sky scraper, the clouds cover the tip of the building but not the beauty of it. It's kind of a golden color, a glossy light brown; if you will. The windows are all framed with the same french molding. While I was admiring it, a pair of warm, familiar hands snuggle around my waist from behind.


"Pretty cool, isn't it?" Ashton whispers in my ear, resting his head on my shoulder as he sways me.


I smile and turn my body towards him. I kiss him.


"It's so beautiful." I tell him.


"You know what else is beautiful?" He asks me.


"What?" I ask, already knowing the answer.


"Me." He says, referring to himself. I hit his shoulder and laugh.


"I'm just kidding, baby." Ash jokes and kisses me again.


Just then I'm jolted away by a small hand pulling my arm.


"C'mon Eve! Let's go get our room!" Grace screams like a little kid, I laugh and hope that she behaves herself inside the lobby. I really don't want to draw attention to us.


You're touring with two boy bands, dumbass. There is going to be attention towards you no matter what.


Oh shit. My subconscious is right. But Ashton wouldn't show boat me, would he? I mean he likes showing me off to his friends, but, that's one thing. Will he do the same with the paparazzi?


Look at me, I sound like I'm dating Justin Bieber or something… Ashton, although terribly talented, isn't yet "well known." So I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


While I argue with myself we check in and we all clamber into the elevator.


"I can smell all of you." Harry says and we laugh. Me and Ashton are squished into the corner of the elevator, Ashton holds me in his arms and kisses my head. He's in a good mood.


We all shuffle out of the elevator and onto the top floor, there are 5 or 6 rooms reserved just for all of us. Mine and Ashton's rooms are right next to each other, so I guess if we can't share a room, at least we'll be close together.


Ashton kisses my cheek and walks into his and Michael's room, dismissing me almost. Grace and I copy their action and sander into our own room. We both gasp.


"This isn't a room, Grace," I say. "It's a fucking suite."

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