Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


57. Chapter 57

When we get to the airport it's already 10:00pm and I'm really tired. Me and Ashton go through security and then wait for the rest of the boys to arrive.


"So there are more of them?" I ask as me and Ashton sit in the airport lobby.


Ashton laughs. "Yes there are more of them, Eve." 


"How many more?" I ask, Ashton doesn't answer but just chuckles.


Just then, 8 guys come barging through the lobby doors, happy and loud as they make their way towards us. The lobby is empty by the time the 11:00 o'clock hour  rolls by, so I guess it's okay that they're all loud.


"Ashton!" One of them screams.


"Ready?" Ashton asks me.




He laughs. "C'mon," Ash takes my hand and walks towards everyone.


"Hey man!" A brown eyed boy greets him, Ashton lets go of my hand to greet everyone. Even though I nearly know all of these boys, there are so many I can hardly tell the difference between them all. It's times like this when I miss Grace.


Where is she anyways?


Less than a minute goes by of them chatting when Ashton turns to me and says;


"Don't be shy." Embarrassing me so.


"Um," I squirm as Ashton takes my hand.


"This is Liam and Zayn. And you know Louis, Niall and Harry already." He says.


"Yea," I say awkwardly. "Yea, hi." 


Man, socializing really isn't my thing.


"You're Evelyn, right?" A boy with silky black hair and beautiful brown eyes asks.


"Did you have to tell everyone my full name?" I ask Ashton quietly and the boys laugh. Ashton said if you can make them laugh then they like you.


Hey, they like me. Cool.


"Sorry, she only likes to be called Eve." Ashton corrects.


"Okay, I'll keep that in mind Evelyn." Louis says.


"Yea. So, Evelyn, how did you meet Ashton?" The boy, Liam, asks.


"Yea, Evelyn. I think everyone wants to know."


Oh, this is going to be just great.


"Okay, guys knock it off." Ashton says.


"You're right, you're right…" Louis says… "Fletcher!" He shouts and everyone laughs.


"Really?" Ash sighs.


While the boys continue to argue I turn to Luke and ask him where Grace is.


"She's coming, she just had a hard time saying goodbye to her family."




A few minutes later I see blonde, beautiful Grace coming up the escalator. Me and Luke walk towards her.


"Hey, babe, you alright?" Luke asks, hugging her. She seems okay, just kind of sad.


"Yea, I'm alright." She says. "Who are the frat boys over there?" She asks and we laugh.


"That's the other band."


"Oh! Fun!" She peps up. "C'mon, Luke, introduce me!" I love how quickly her emotions can change.


She's so great.




We all get on the plane and Grace is bouncing in her seat in front of me.


"Grace, calm down." I say.


"I can't help it!" She says loudly, she's wide awake. Well, actually, pretty much everyone is wide awake.


Except for me.


I don't know why but I am so tired. I want to fall asleep but, it would seem rude.


"You alright?" Ashton asks from beside me, he's sitting on the outside because he wanted me to get the window seat.


"Yea, just tired, thats all."


"Lay down," He pats on his shoulder.


"No, it would seem rude."


"Rude?" He asks, amused.




"It won't be rude." He throws his arm over my shoulder and I scoot in closer. "Goto sleep, Evelyn." He whispers and kisses my head. I'm so relaxed in Ashton's arms that I can't resist falling asleep, but before I do I hear Ashton say.


"Guys! Shut up, Eve's sleeping."


But I'm too tired to argue with him, so I just fall asleep.

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