Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


54. Chapter 54

It's been 24 hours since my dinner with Ashton.

It's time to ask my dad now.

I just wish I knew how he would react.

Will he be angry?

Will he be sad?

Will he let me go?

Will he force me to stay?

Normally I can read my dad like a book, but lately, I don't know he seems… Different.


It's Sunday, game day, and dad's in his room watching football. He's just eaten and has a beer in his hands, he's wearing his "thanksgiving day pants" as he sits in his "man chair".


If I were to do anything, now would be the perfect time.


*Knock knock*


I knock on the door and open it slightly, Dad waves me in without looking up.


"Hey daddy…" I say quietly.


"Hey sweetie, you alright?"


"Yes." I start. "Can I ask you something?"


He's gonna say no, I just know it.


"Sure. Is it serious?" He still hasn't moved his eyes off the television.


"Well kind of-"


"Run, run, RUN!!! GOO!!" He yells at the TV.


"Dad?" I get his attention.


"Yea?" He asks after a beat.


"It's important, could you pause the TV maybe?"


"Oh, sure, sorry love." He pauses it and looks at me. "What is it?"


"Um…" How do I start this? "Promise you won't get all mad and judgmental. okay?"


"Okay…" He's worried now.


"So, as you know Ashton's going away soon."




"And the other day, we found out it was actually sooner than we had expected."


"How much sooner?"


"Well, he won't be here next week…"


"Oh, Evelyn, I'm sorry baby." He says.


"It's okay…" I say quietly. "But um, you see… There is a possibility that I- um, me and Grace could go… Could go with them."


"With them?" He doesn't understand.


"Yes. On tour." 


"You wanna go with Ashton on tour?" He's summing it up.


"Well… Yeah. But I won't go if you don't want me to."


But I really, REALLY want to go...


"Oh, jeez…" He rests his elbows on his knees and rubs his face.


I stand in silence for a while as he thinks.


"You don't have to give me an answer now, Daddy." I want to make this easy for him.


"No," He says. "No. I can give you an answer." He says and then stays silent again, which is ironic.


"Evelyn," He says and stands up with me. "Hypothetically, if I were to let you go…" He says. "You would be good, right?"


"Daddy, if you let me go, I'd be on my best behavior."


"Damn right," He half laughs. "And you would share a room with Grace, not Ashton."


Disappointing but understandable.


"Yes." I agree.


"And you wouldn't do anything stupid."


I never do.


"Yes, Daddy."


"Okay then," He says, I hang onto his words. "Fine." Dad sighs. "You can go."


"What?!" I ask.


"Yes. Jane told me I need to go easy on you so, this is me going easy on you... You can go, Evelyn."


"Really?!" I screech.


"Yes, Eve but listen to me-"


I don't let him finish as I throw my arms over his shoulders.


"Thank you so much, Daddy!!" I squeeze him, he laughs and sets me down lightly.


"But Eve, you know how long this is going to be, right? Away from home?" He asks.


"I know, Daddy." A flush of sadness runs through me. "I know. But you guys can visit me, and I'll call everyday single day, and we can Skype and stuff." I smile.


"What's Skype?" Dad asks, I laugh at him and kiss his cheek.


"Ask Jane, she'll tell you." I say. "Oh, god! Daddy, I'm so excited!" I scream, he laughs at me and I hug him once more, then leave to let him finish his game with a smile on his face.

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