Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


53. Chapter 53

Ashton's POV:

Waking up without Evelyn is such a drag.

The room feels darker,

and colder.

I miss her.


You were with her last night, dumbass.


My conscious snarls. I roll my eyes at him.


I can never get enough of her,


I reply, moseying out of bed and throwing on some clothes. I grab my phone from the bedside table as I slip on my pants.


6 miscalls from Cal

2 miscalls from Luke

1 miscall from Michael

9 miscalls from Mr. J


What's wrong?

I dial Luke's number quickly.

"Hey man, what's wrong?" I ask, expecting the worse.

"Change of plans." He starts. I glance over at the clock; 10:00am.

"What?" I ask.

"We're leaving in two days instead."

"Two days?!" I exclaim loudly. "What? How?"

"Well they added an extra date on the tour for the gig in Ireland and 2 more for the gig in London, which means more driving, which means we have to leave earlier than we had expected."

"Fuck." I curse

"Dude, no one understands your stress more than me but, I think you should start packing."

"Yea yea, I'll call you back okay."



We hang up.


Two days? Really? What am I suppose to tell Evelyn, she'll get all hectic and nervous about asking her parents and freak out. Dammit.

I should tell her though, tonight.

Instead of calling Eve, I text her.


*Hey baby girl, I'll pick you up at 8:00pm, okay?*




Evelyn's POV:


*Hey baby girl, I'll pick you up at 8:00pm, okay?*


Ashton texts me, my lips are still parted as Grace and I sit on my bed with frowns on our faces.

"Two days?" I breathe out.

"That's what Luke said." Grace says.

"How am I suppose to convince my family to let me go? It'll surely take more than two days."

"How so?" Grace asks.

"One day of asking, three days of convincing, five days of thinking, and two days of going over the rules."

Grace laughs.

"Well I guess you know how that will go…"

"Yea… Should I ask them now then?"

"Why do you keep saying "them"? As if there are two of your dads…"

"Oh, I'm counting Jane."

"Your dad's girlfriend?"

"Yea, she's been hanging around lately and I don't know… I kind of don't mind it."

"She seems nice, from what you've told me."

"She really is,"


We sit in a familiar, comfortable silence until my dad waltzes in.

"Evelyn, Grace. Lunch." He commands, as usual, we stand to our feet and follow obediently behind.




That night Ashton picks me up at 8:45pm rather than 8:00pm, something's been chewing at him because he doesn't talk when we get in the car.

"What is it?" I ask, breaking the silence. "What's wrong?"

"What?" He asks, turning toward me for a moment but then looking back at the road.

"Oh, oh, nothing…" He places his hand on my thigh as if reassuring me. "Nothing babe."

"You're lying."

Ashton snorts. "Lying?"

"Yes. Lying."

"About what exactly?"

"About saying nothing's wrong. What's eating at you, Ash?"

"Um," He chokes. "Well, I- You see the boys called me today and-"

"I know," I cut him off.

"What?" He's startled.

"I know, two more days. Grace told me, Luke told her." I say and Ashton blinks at me, almost running a red light as he slams on the breaks and curses quietly under his breath.

"You know?" He asks eventually once the car is safely stopped.

"Yea…" I say quietly.


"And what?"

"Well I mean, this probably changes your decision, no?" 

Why would that change my decision?

"Ashton, nothing would change my decision. I'm going with you no matter what." I say, although I don't sound as convincing as I wanted to, but it does the trick.

"Really?" He asks, hazel eyes twinkling, a smile is hidden under his lips, waiting to surface.

"Yes," I say confidently. "Really."

Before I know what has happened, Ashton's lips are on mine and his hands are on both sides of my face, holding me there. He separates from me and looks deep into my eyes, his lips part and then;




The car behind us rawrs, Ashton rolls his eyes and looks forward at the green light, he presses on the gas and off we both go.

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