Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


52. Chapter 52

Sorry this one is short everyone :( So my life is hectic right now, very busy :/ so I decided I'm going to post every Friday and Saturday from now on, I just can't post everyday now. :( I'm sorry, I hope you all don't hate me. I believe this is only until all of the holidays are over, then I should be good to go with chapters like every other day. Alright, love you all ! New chapter tomorrow :*

Eve's POV:


Ashton's pupil dilates with lust filling the beautiful hazel rims, his smirk almost goes by unnoticed due to the hypnotization in his eyes. When Ashton reaches me, he hovers over my lips and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. I bite my lip and realize how visible his chest is through his thin, white shirt. He tips my head up with his fingertips and presses his lips onto mine, I hum against his lips. I'm lost within him, just simply lost. The kiss continues and without realizing it, Ashton has already got me on his hips and is carrying me to the couch. He lays me down and I squeal, causing him to smile against my lips. He stands to his knees and rips off his shirt, then leans down and continues to kiss me. Ashton's hand slowly starts to slither up my shirt. "Hey, Evelyn I forgot my-" Fuck. Grace waltzes into the room and her lips part when she sees me and Ashton, Ash coughs awkwardly and stands to his feet, Grace starts laughing. "Five minutes, really, it takes you too five minutes and you're already fucking like monkey's." "Grace!" I exclaim with a frown. "Sorry, sorry." She throws her hands up defensively and reaches for the coffee table. "I needed my phone." She says, grasping it from the table. I roll my eyes and she laughs while shutting the door. A few moments of mumbling in the hall go by and we hear laughter and chuckles. "Go Ash!" We hear from the halls, Ashton rolls his eyes and sighs, sitting down beside me on the couch. "So close," I say, Ashton laughs and kisses my forehead as I watch the stars dance from the window. *** Later that night, Ashton and the boys get called into work. An emergency meeting conducted by Mr. J. Ashton arrived there late because he insisted to drive me home, even though I obviously could've walked. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't love when he drives me home. "Evelyn, your dinner's on the table sweetie." Is the first thing I hear when I walk into my house, I look up and see Jane in a flashy new apron with cooking mittens on her hands, she flicks them off and smiles at me. "Loving the apron," I smile, she grins widely from ear to ear and looks down at herself. "Really? You think?" She asks. "Yea," I say. "Sorry I'm late." I apologize. "It's alright dear, I asked your family to wait for you but they all were so hungry. Your father said you wouldn't mind." "Oh no no, it's okay, I'm surprised they're all eating together now. Usually Dad's at work, Britt's out at some club and Michelle's god knows where." "You eat alone?" "Sometimes, yea." "Oh, well I haven't' eaten yet. If you'd like to join me." I smile at her. "Yea," I say. "I'd love to.

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