Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


51. Chapter 51

***Authors Note***

SO sorry everyone for being absent :( It's just I've been on vacation and then you know the holidays and whatnot, but I'll try and post as much as I can, okay? But just so you all know I may not be posting as frequently as before because I'm just so busy. Like there's thanksgiving, then I'm going to New York to visit family (but they have wifi so…) and then there's Christmas and then I have driver's ed, then new years…


Yea so, I'm sorry that I haven't posted. :(


But I'm sure I can get in enough chapters up for you guys! I do try really hard <3

Okay! I love you all so much!

~ Adrianna


Eve's POV:


Ashton's called me ten times already since 10:00pm.

it's 11 now.

I haven't responded.

I just don't feel like talking right now.

Why did Luke ask Grace but Ashton didn't ask me?


Wow, I sound like I'm five…


Maybe Ashton doesn't want me on tour with him,

or maybe Cal told Ash not to ask me,

or maybe Mr. Jamison doesn't really like me as much as I think he does,

or maybe Ashton's just getting tired of me…


No, anything but that, please.


I sigh and plop myself onto Grace's bed. She hasn't talked about anything but the tour.

"What do you think it's going to be like?" She asks me.

"I don't know," I groan, Grace sits at her desk doing her nails, she's really good at doing nails.

"I bet it's gonna be amazing! Like, perfect. And did I mention that both of my parents said it's okay that I go?"


I don't wanna fight again with her…

So I keep my mouth shut and my lips in a smile.


"That's amazing Grace."

"Do you think you're parents will let you go?" She asks.

"What? Grace, Ashton didn't invite me."

"What?!" She screeches. "He didn't?! No! No! This is unacceptable…" You can see the anger in her eyes. "Aw shit, and here I am going on and on about this damn tour thing while you're boyfriend's being a dick. I'm gonna go talk to him." She grumbles and heads for the door.

"No, Grace! What the hell are you going to say?" I following her into the living room.

"I'm gonna say he needs to stop being such a dick about things…"

"Grace, he's not being a dick. Don't make him feel bad."

"Feel bad? Feel bad?! Sweetie, if I was gonna make him "feel bad" you know exactly what scenario I'd bring up." She's not kidding.


I sigh and follow her out of the door and into the car. The midnight breeze flows through Grace's hair, she looks beautiful even when she's mad.

Oh, how I envy her.


"Where are you even going anyways?" I ask while we speed out of the neighborhood.

"Luke's place." She answers.

"Why? I thought you wanted to see Ash?"

"I do, they have band meetings there every tuesday night."



Why don't I know any of this stuff?


Grace pulls into the driveway and angrily stomps up the sidewalk, I follow embarrassedly behind. We walk up a flight of stairs into a revolving door and down a hall. All of the obstacles fail to fluster Grace due to her anger. We come across an apartment door and she bangs on it.

Luke answers wide eyed and beautiful.

Grace's whole expression changes when Luke says

"Hey baby," Concern falls from his lips. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," She huffs, struggling to keep her angered emotion together as her eyes pop out with hearts.

"Um, Is Ashton here?" She asks.

"Yea, in here." He opens the door wider.

"Grace, no." I try and grab her arm but she couldn't care less.

"Ashton." She walks up to him. Ashton sits on the couch with his elbows resting on his knees, he's laughing and talking with Michael when Grace approaches him. His hair is pulled back into a beanie, he does that when he doesn't feel like brushing it, and he's wearing a tight, white shirt and snug, black jeans. A thin, dark blue jacket is thrown over his broad shoulders. I stand fearfully in the back, a good distance away from Grace and her 'over-reacting' personality.

"Why the fuck didn't you invite Evelyn on tour with you? Huh?" She questions.


"No. Let me talk." She interrupts. Ashton stays quiet as he looks up at my crazed best friend, wide eyed and embarrassed. Luke stands behind the couch watching Grace with amusing eyes and smirking lips.

"You have no right to fucking blow her off like that, Mr. J already said we both could come and you know it! I don't know why the fuck you're ditching her, maybe you don't care about her or maybe you found someone else or maybe you're just that fucking stupid. But whatever the fuck it is you better get your shit together, because Evelyn has been nothing but good to you and you keep screwing her over and I'm so sick of it,"


She's over exaggerating it.


"And if Evelyn isn't going," She crosses her arms. "Then I'm not going." Grace comes to a finish with her whole 'hoopla' and takes a nonexistent bow.

Calum and Michael look at each other, Luke's amused face becomes worrisome that Grace may not be going with him, and Ashton stares and the ground smiling and shaking his head. Ash stands to his feet and looks down at Grace.

"Well," He starts. "I'm not "blowing" Evelyn off. I haven't asked her yet because I wanted to ask her tonight."


"I booked a table at a very fancy, very expensive restaurant and wanted it to be a surprise. I got her a present and everything." Ashton says, he has yet to look at my and my shocked, yet relieved expression. "I would never just not ask her, Grace. I just, wasn't sure what she was going to say…"

Ashton looks so very laid back but, you can see the embarrassment in his eyes what with everyone staring. Ashton walks towards me with his head down, he takes my arm and pulls me aside, out of the door and into the hall.


"Hi," I say.

"Hi." He smiles, his embarrassed cheeks slowly fading away.

"I'm sorry about Grace I didn't know sh-"

"It's okay. Sorry I didn't ask you sooner," He takes his fingertips and brushes and strand out of my face and behind my ear, I hum when his skin brushes against my neck. Ashton smiles at the reaction he gets out of me. He leans into my neck and kisses the same spot his fingers once skimmed. I close my eyes with pleasure. Ash backs away and looks down into my eyes.

"I'm gonna ask you to come on tour with me tonight," He says. "Promise you'll act surprised?"

I lightly laugh. "Yes, Ash, I'll act surprised."

"Good." He smiles and kisses me lightly. Ash backs away, leaving me wanting more.

I lean up to him again and place my lips softly on his, then passionately upon his. I run my hands through his hair to get some kind of reaction, when he moans against my lips I smile and do it again. Ashton pulls my hips closer to his and deepens the kiss, sliding his tongue into my mouth as they dance as one. He turns towards the side and pushes me against the wall, getting more access to my neck and such. He moves his lips to my neck and I try to remain as sane as possible. But then, Ashton and I hear the door handle giggle. He quickly and swiftly removes himself from me, leaving me cold, as he stands awkwardly beside me. His height towering up like a sky scraper. Ashton rubs the back of his neck with his palm when Calum, Luke, Michael and Grace all walk out of the apartment talking and laughing.


"Hey, we're going out. You guys wanna come?"


I look at Ashton, wondering if he wanted to go. But Ashton just stares at Michael.


"No, we're staying in." He says, Ash takes my hand and walks me into the apartment, they all say bye and Ashton shuts the door.




"C'mere." He whispers to me.

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