Forever Young

"It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."


50. Chapter 50

Ashton's POV: "B-Bring Evelyn?" I stutter into the speaker of the phone. "On tour?" "Well yea…" Cal starts. "The girls can bunk with you guys and Mr. J already said it's a brilliant idea, I don't know… It could be fun." "Hell yea! Whoo! Fuck yea! I'm gonna go call Grace!" Luke shouts excitedly, I hear Calum laugh as I'm taken off speaker phone. "Hello?" He checks. "Hey," I start. "But Cal, I don't think you've thought this through." "How do you mean?" "Well, lets just say that the girls don't want to go on tour with us…" "Why wouldn't they?" "I don't know, Evelyn seems content here. I don't think she'd care to travel the world with me." And as the words escape my lips. The more tempting it sounds. "You sure about that?" "No, but I think we should at least ask before we do anything drastic." "Well duh, what did you think we were gonna do? Throw them in a bag and force them on tour with us?" He asks and I laugh. "Yea, alright, I'll call Evelyn. But not tonight, she's probably already asleep…" Eve's POV: I can't sleep. It's hard to change from being with Ashton all day and night to coming home and sleeping alone in my tiny, tiny bed. I don't know, I just wish I could be with Ashton all of the time… I mean I love my family, but I think I'm just growing out of it. Ya know? Or maybe I'm just selfish. I struggle with these thoughts as I lay facing up in my bed. My phone rings. I jump up and snatch up the device from my bedside table. Oh, It's just Grace. "Hey," I say. "Bitch!" She screams excitedly. Woah. "You will not believe what Luke just told me!" Grace screeches. "What did Luke tell you, Grace?" I ask, still annoyed that it's not Ashton who called. "He's bringing my on tour!" What?! "What?" "Luke! He's bringing me on tour with him!" "The worldwide tour?!" "Yea!" I let out the breath I held in as the anger inside my grows. "You're sure he asked you?" "Yea! He said he really wants me to come and that Mr. Jamison said he'd love to have me! Isn't that great!" What the fuck?! Not only did Luke ask his "perfectly matured" girlfriend to go on a worldwide tour with him, but he's also taking my best friend away from me. And let's not forget to mention how Ashton didn't even consider bringing me. "There are a lot of factors going on, Evelyn, beyond my power." He told me. Well clearly not beyond Luke's power, that's for sure. "Grace I'll call you back," "What? Why? What's wrong?" "Nothing, I'll call you back." "But E-" I hang up. I don't want to talk to her, or him. Or anyone… I just want to be sad for a minute, so I curl myself up in a ball on my bed and throw the covers over me. I fall into a deep, angry, confused sleep.
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